An old Porsche 911 returns to the track

This is part two in a two-part series that takes a look at the bonds formed between a family and a certain 1970 Porsche 911. In Part One, we explored just what the car means to father and son. Now in Part Two we’re finally seeing the old machine return to spot where it once shined; the race track.
Well, the coned-off parking lot of a race track, which is a sort of racing circuit in its own right. This is what happened when Porsche owner John Cary took his blue beast racing for the first time since his father used it that way back in the 70’s and 80’s.
[Disclaimer: I shot this for Optima, not for Hooniverse – therefore I was paid real adult money to do so. Still, I’m proud of the way the video came out and wanted to share it here.]

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One response to “An old Porsche 911 returns to the track”

  1. longrooffan Avatar

    Nice job Chief Blooger.