AMC Hornet Rallye X 360 is Not a Rollerblade Trick

1971 amc rallye x 360 for sale…but it kind of sounds like one. Predating the era of Oakley Frogskins and neon-green Xtreme everything by about 20 years comes this AMC Hornet sporting a groovy shade of yellow. Groovy fades to bitchin’ as we check out the drivetrain. With a warmed over 360c.i. backed up by a T-5 five speed, this compact’s likely rather spirited to drive. This angry insect connects to the road with what look like 50-series tires wrapped around 17×8″ Torq-thrust IIs. The interior’s been re-done, and you get your choice of driver’s seats: the original vinyl unit or the Corbeau touring unit. 1971 amc rallye x 360 for sale With the T-5 and a 2.90:1 rearend, it likely gets pretty good mileage, too. With five days left and the reserve unmet at $4k, we’re curious where you folks will come down on this one. What would you pay for a ride like this? 1971 amc rallye x 360 for sale

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