Electric concept cars might be a dime-a-dozen as of late, but some still shine. On the off-road side, RIVIAN has come into the spotlight as of late. Their capable-yet-refined pickup and SUV are striking a chord with the family and overlanding communities alike. There’s even a new Hummer on the horizon. But what of sporty electric cars? The kind enthusiasts care about? Sure, there’s a Tesla Roadster supposedly coming. Sometime. Eventually. And now there’s another for us to look forward to.

Alpha Motor Corporation is an electric vehicle startup based in Irvine, California. They made their name with the recent release of the Icon. The quirky EUV boasts a modular platform which allows it to transform from an SUV to a van or truck based on the owner’s needs. Alpha is adamant about bringing this forward-thinking technology to the streets. To broaden their profile, the company has released a new, sporty offering.

Ace is the name of the game, and it’s an electric vehicle geared towards personal mobility and transportation rather than group and work purposes. Built on the Icon’s platform, this little coupe has retro-futuristic looks reminiscent of a resto-mod. Alpha claims a range of 250+ miles, 0-60 MPH in ~6 seconds, and a curb weight of around 3,600 lbs. Crucially, though, this is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. The power, proportions, and 2+2 configuration could make this a very interesting alternative (albeit more expensive) competitor to cars like the Subaru BRZ. And it even looks like it came straight out of a Pixar movie. Or like a VW Bug and a Datsun 510 combined. Either way, it’s good.

Of course, timing is very much TBD. Alpha claims that more information will be released in the near future. I personally truly hope to see their vehicles, especially the Ace, on the streets sooner rather than later. Just look at how meaty those tires are!