About That Mystery Car From a Few Weeks Back

Do you recall this Mystery Car from a few weeks back? I know I do. And apparently enough of you do too as I’ve gotten a lot of requests for the answer since no one has yet correctly identified it. Well, the time has come. Make the jump (or scroll down if you’re on mobile) and gaze in wide wonder at the amazing and unexpected answer.
IMG_0440 (1)
That’s right, it’s a Mitsubishi Expo. Don’t feel bad though, a new Mystery Car contest is right around the corner.
Image: ©2016 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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  1. Kiefmo Avatar

    My folks had two sequential (and consecutive) captive imports when I was a kid. They were both Mitsubishi Chariots. The first, a 1986, was badged a Plymouth Colt Vista, was two-tone tan and brown, and sported a 5 speed for its 2.0L, 88hp carb’d 4G63. I thought that car was so fun, as my dad had to rev the snot out of it everywhere to get it moving, which to my little mind meant it was fast. Ha.
    The second was bought in 1991 as a compromise because, while they really wanted a Grand Caravan, Consumer Reports told my folks that the transmission couldn’t be trusted. There were two Dodge Colt Vistas sitting on the lot, differing only in that one was burgundy with a like-colored interior, while the other was silvery blue with a dark navy interior. Both automatics, which irritated my dad. But the car was to be my mother’s DD, so her opinion is what really mattered, and she was thrilled — she’d never really cared for the brown manual wagon.
    Now fuel-injected, it had a bit more power, but was still huffing through just 8 valves with a single cam, and saddled with the 3-speed automatic, it was a lot slower with worse fuel economy.
    When they decided to replace that car in 1996, my folks returned to the Fords they’d grown up with and bought an Explorer — and my dad regretted not springing for the V8 every time he hitched up the boat.

  2. Inliner Avatar

    Here in Canada, I don’t remember if I’ve seen one within the last ten years.

  3. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    Oh man!
    And these were sold the world over under one badge or another as well.
    The people five houses down from me still have one in grey.