When you’re a young filmmaker, it’s the perfect time to hunt down and capture the subjects of which you’re most passionate. You’ll have less time to do so when you’re being hired for the gigs that pay the bills. Cameron Thuman is one such filmmaker, as he’s a senior at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. And he’s found a subject that speaks to him.

Thuman assembled a team of student filmmakers with the goal of producing a short feature on Magnus Walker. The polarizing Porsche lover has acquired a new car, and it takes over the focus of the piece titled “Night Rider”.

In it, Thuman and his crew do a wonderful job of showing what ultra late-night Los Angeles looks like. Empty tunnels. Bright lights in the distance. And a place to have a little bit of vehicular fun, if you know where you’re going. Walker knows, since downtown LA and the Arts District is where he calls home. And his new-to-him 1974 Porsche slant nose is right at home as well.

In fact, this is the second time that Magnus has owned this car. He let it go 27 years earlier, but now it’s back in his care.

Thuman captures the car well, but he also documents his own thoughts on the shoot over on his website. You should give that a read after clicking play and watching the video above.