A Retrospective on Retro Racing: 2010 Sonoma Wrap-Up

Alas, our coverage of the 2010 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival is at a close, but in case you missed any of the action, click through the jump for a wrap-up of all the vintage racing action – and as a bonus, Han’s favorite car of the weekend. In our first post, A Deafening Thunder – Welcome to the Grid, we took a look at historic Trans-Am racers lining up on the grid and got up close and personal with the drivers as they waited to drop the hammer when the green flag waved. The next post, Faster, Faster, Faster Until the Thrill of Speed Overcomes the Fear of Death, collected photos that showed off the speed and grace of the historic racers. Trouble in Paradise followed the trials and tribulations of one Charles McCabe, a man unhinged in time and space dealing with a problematic Bugatti. When Sex Was Safe and Racing Was Dangerous was a collection of images that showed the body language and expressions of the racers as they hustled around Infineon Raceway. And last but not least, The Art of Cornering is rather self-explanatory – cars hitting the corners so hard many were on 3 wheels. Now for this Hoon’s favorite car of the entire race – the #3 1967 AMT Piranha, a Corvair-powered kit car that we previously featured in a Hooniverse post (as another Piranha had a staring role in the TV show The Man From U.N.C.L.E.). It wasn’t the quickest, rarest, or most valuable car in the race by a long shot, but it had personality and (more importantly) raced with a Corvair flat-six. How cool is that? All images copyright 2010 Alex Kierstein

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