A perfect Plymouth for Wagon Wednesday

1972 plymouth fury wagon Wednesday means, for most people, that the week has passed the hump and we’re sliding towards the weekend. Here at Hooniverse, Wednesday means wagons. Those lovable longroofs that the rest of the American motoring world seems to have let fade into obscurity. Well not here, dammit! Exhibit A(wesome) of why wagons rule is this 1972 Plymouth Fury that I found while browsing my local list cultivated by Craig. It’s clearly setup to tow an equally wonderful 1962 Boles Aero trailer, which means the cargo capacity combined is somewhere in the neighborhood of small-to-midsize town. The car? It’s listed at just $5,995. Want the trailer too? Throw down another $5,000. Hop the jump for the full listing.

360 engine, 81,000 original miles, brand new 727 tansmission, radiator redone, new alternator and starter, new timing chain, body in good condition, interior fair, needs head liner and front seat cover, color is white on white. A good car for vintage trailer towing. Please call if you have more questions or would like to make an offer.
Also selling 1962 Boles Aero $5000 or best offer.

The car’s certainly not perfect, but it’s not bad either. It needs a bit of love on the inside, but it would be fine driving it as is. If we had the cash, this would be the new Hooniverse Mobile Command Center. Also, Fury Wagon should be a band name. [Source: Craigslist]

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