A Pair of '64 Chevelles Reminds Us What We Love About Muscle Cars

american flag chevelle for sale194 Chevelle Big Block for sale

The muscle car earns our love by delivering giggle-inducing engine rumble and straight line acceleration in a cheap, slightly crappy package. To truly appreciate it, you’ve got to check your cynicism, self-consciousness and irony addiction at the door. Through some strange coincidence, we’ve found two exemplary (though slightly different) specimens that both happen to be ’64 Chevelles.

We’ll start with the cleaner, more cliched option: a 1964 Chevelle for sale with a 350ci small block V8, TH350 three speed auto and overwhelmingly patriotic paint job. In addition to the paint job, the interior’s clean (if a little sparse) and it’s got a 12-bolt rearend. Additionally, there are as many pictures of new(ish) trim and body parts in bags as there are of the car. If you’re willing to be a rolling patriotic billboard and a 350/350 combo is good enough for you, you’ll have to pay more than the current $5,500 bid, as the reserve’s not met.

 american flag chevelle interior

Our second example…man, I didn’t think cars like this still existed: 396ci big block V8, four-speed, crappy paint, minimal rust and a current bid of $4200. Provided that unmet reserve is in the mid-4-digit range, we’ve got a hell of a deal on our hands. Everything works, it’s just ugly, cosmetically speaking. With so much paint sanded off, its next home would best be a garage or incredibly dry part of the country. Even then, it’ll need floors and likely other body work. $4,200 with an unmet reserve; again we hope the seller’s not overzealous.

1964 Chevelle Big Block engine194 Chevelle Big Block for sale

One’s got the better mechanicals, the other less bodywork but a love-it-or-leave-it paint job. Where would you spend your muscle money?

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