A new Mini John Cooper Works GP is on its way

A Mini Cooper is a fun machine. It’s not about power but the handling that provides the entertainment with good Cooper, both new and old. Still, more power is a nice thing. And it’s been a great thing when you look back on the limited-edition John Cooper Works GP. A fresh one is on its way, as Mini have just announced the imminent arrival of the 2020 Mini John Cooper Works GP.

How does a 300-horsepower track-focused Mini Cooper sound to you?

2020 Mini John Cooper Works GP

2020 Mini John Cooper Works GP

2020 Mini John Cooper Works GP

Mini is getting aggressive here. Using the inline four-cylinder TwinPower turbocharged engine, the JCW GP gets greater 300 horsepower on tap. It’s likely to be missing a back seat, as is typically the case on GP models. And it will be tuned and refined at the track.

This latest GP apparently takes its design cues from a slick concept GP that debuted back in 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Check out a photo of that car over on Jalopnik by clicking here. That car features a massive front splitter, pumped up fender treatments, and a cool split rear wing. It looks like a slightly toned down version of that wing has made it on to the production version. Hopefully a version of the fenders have as well.

Like the other GP version before it, this one won’t be produced at high volume. Mini plan to build just 3,000 units. In 2013, the then-new JCW GP saw just 500 units arrive stateside. You can expect a similar number for the 2020 run.

Hopefully we learn a lot more about this low-volume/high-fun Mini Cooper during the upcoming New York Auto Show.

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