A Lap of LeMans, in 1959, in a Jaguar. Bliss!

Once again, The Incomparable Mr. Scroggs has sent along a find from the Tube of You. Simply put, it is a trip around the Circuit de La Sarthe with Mike Hawthorn in a Jaguar D-type prior to the race. I’m not going to spoil it by commenting any further; but it is worth watching, if only for the sheer nostalgia of it. Imagine, living in a time before the invention of colour! It must have been drab, living in a black-and-white world, but somehow they managed.

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  1. operat0r Avatar

    Great find. Thanks!

  2. engineerd Avatar

    Incredible. A D-Type going 185 mph…those guys may have had more balls than all of the current F1 drivers combined.
    Also, I found this in the related links. Drool.
    [youtube KmA01dUhdPY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmA01dUhdPY youtube]

    1. Target29 Avatar

      Amazing how modern the GT 40's look even from a 2010 perspective!

    2. Tripl3fast Avatar

      Yeah GT40.
      So is there any other car that started out as a prototype, al la GT40 1969, and is now in another class, al la Ford GT 2010 in GT2 or GT1?

  3. joshuman Avatar

    I love what he says just after going through Tertre Rouge. It is interesting that he calls it "white house" instead of Maison Blanche. Thanks Scroggs for showing me video I had not seen before. My, the trees have grown haven't they? The race this year is June 12. Let's get it added to the Hooniversal calendar.

  4. longrooffan Avatar

    You Hoons are just straight out Awesome….Thanks for sharing….

  5. coupeZ600 Avatar

    Thanks Scroggs, that's incredible!

  6. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    I lift a glass to Mr. Hawthorne. Class and talent, gone too soon. Amazing footage, seeing a prototype testing at speed – IN REGULAR TRAFFIC. No barriers, no run off areas, just a nice cotton jumpsuit, some goggles, and a helmet that would help you much if you were thrown off a horse.
    Josh, I believe the Bentley Boys all called it White House, too.

  7. Mercedes Lackey Avatar

    I love the shots of Mike Hawthorn with that honking big microphone with a big boxy windprotector strapped to his face. He must have been wired up to a massive battery to power that mic and the camera and sound equipment. And he put up with that much discomfort and fuss just to take all of us car nuts, then and now, around the circuit narrated by an expert on it. (I also love the impeccably British pronunciation of JAG-you-ahr.)