A Few Random Porsches Seen At The Art Of Auto Car Show

Okay, I know this is not a Porsche but it is its sister and those little dolls are just adorable, aren’t they? Yeah right. But why the hell anyone would restore a 1972 Volkswagen Type I? Anyway, at that kickass car show this olelongrooffan attended last month there were a bunch of Porsches.

Unlike Bradley Brownell, this olelongrooffan is not really into Porsches, the roof just isn’t long enough.  But this Beck Speedster I spotted that day was pretty cool.

It was finished in silver with a bright red interior.  I’m not really sure why there is Mobil gasoline’s logo on the side of this but it is.

I also liked this 356 Speedster.  Its paint was about a mile deep and the entire vehicle was squeaky clean.

Speedsters were plentiful that fateful Saturday.

Yeah, Speedsters of all ages.  This one, so I am told, is rare here in the United States.

The entire street was lined with 911s, Boxters, and Carreras.

Out in front with all those high end super cars was this creation.

Some French dude was hawking a $12,000 body only enhancement package. I didn’t really hang around while he and my buddy, RJ, were chatting it up…hell there was a Bugatti Veyron and a 27 Packard just across the lot.

To this olelongrooffan, I couldn’t see anything much different about the Delavilla conversion. But a 59 Pontiac Safari? Yeah, I’d be all over that.

And just a final shot of the black one parked out front with all those supercars. And that Dino in the background was the coolest of all of them.

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