A country boy can survive

We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too Ain’t too many things these old boys can’t do We grow good ole tomatoes and homemade wine And a country boy can survive country folks can survive Because you can’t starve us out and you can’t make us run Cause we’se them ole boys raised on shotguns We say grace and we say mamm if you ain’t in to that we don’t give a damn

I’m fairly certain when Hank Williams Jr. penned those lyrics he wasn’t thinking  about backwoods vasectomys.

Needle threaded
This does not appear to be one of those times when someone was out screwing around, not paying attention to what they were doing.  It looks more like a freak accident that was more or less unavoidable.  They gate appears to have been hidden by the surrounding foliage and the driver was just a hair too close.  Add to that the fact the road is narrow and the sun was most likely in his eyes and the guy probably never even saw the gate.  People, I cannot stress this enough, stay up to date on your tetanus shots and always carry around a change of undies!
It takes cojones of steel to not soil yourself when your cojones are met abruptly by steel
This is a sword fight no man could win
 Thankfully nobody was injured in this freak accident. Source: Landrovergeeks

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