$500 '64 Honda S600 is your key JDM to rat-rodness

Sadly, the ad has been deleted as of this morning but all that the ad was these two pictures and the words “it’s rough. needs an engine”, so you’re not missing much. What you’re looking at here is a rare Honda S600, or what is left of it.

[Source: Craigslist]

Weighing in at less than 1600lbs, a Miata engine would fit it very nicely, more than doubling the power. If you got big balls and want to stay OEM, S2000 engine is the way to go, but some chassis improvements would be recommended.

The body looks… well, rough. There is probably a ton of rust, especially with this being a Vancouver car, but if you got a welder, and who doesn’t? And some fab skills, and who doesn’t? This could make for a very cool rat-rod. The price also screams LeMons… but not really, what with the engine missing and everything.

What would you do with this?

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