417 Coffee & Cars – Kickoff 2016

Car show season in the Oazarks has well and truly begun. With sunishine, warm weather, and plenty of car lovers around here, there is no shortage of shows, meets, clubs, and sightings to be had. Whether your scene is tuners, resto mods, bikes, or bro trucks, we’ve got all, and that’s a very good thing. I’m a little late sharing these awesome cars with all y’all, but they’re still awesome, and you still like them, so let’s dig in, shall we? 417 Coffee & Cars is a great monthly gathering here in Springfield, and it’s turned into quite a big event. Not only are the cars turning out in big numbers, but they now have a few vendors in addition to the great coffee being served. April was the big kickoff for 2016, and there were hundreds of cars on display, with scooters and motorcycles besides. Check it out!
Here’s a real bruiser – the 1973 Ford Gran Torino Sport. Note the ugly 5mph front bumper.
A little something for you JDM fans out there. Someone help me out with this one – it looks like a Maxima, but it’s not.
I don’t care what anyone says – a big, beautiful, brown Malaise sedan is always a winner. A Mercury Monarch? Yes, please.
You don’t see a lot of Lightning pickups on the road, and the ones you do see are usually careworn. A lot of times, they’re also customized so much that they sort of lose their desirable qualities. You’ll notice that this one has been modified quite a bit, but it all works together. This is still one of my favorite trucks.
If you think the new 500 is small, look at this one. Although the front seats are roomy enough, the whole thing looks like a miniature car. I like it!
I know people either love or hate the second-generation MKZ, but I am one who loves it. In many ways, it’s a better take on the CD4 platform than the Fusion. I don’t think this car was even part of the event, but it was too good to pass up.
That’s it for the first round of Coffee & Cars. I can’t wait to share the next one with you. What kind of car do you want to see next?
[Photos Copyright 2016 Hooniverse/Marcal Eilenstein]

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