4 Doors, 4 Speed, 4 Wheel Drive: 1963 International Harvester Crew Cab

We're as shocked as you to see it parked next to a trailer
We're as shocked as you to see it parked next to a trailer

There are trucks, and then there are trucks.

This is the latter. It was used to plow snow, but it’s been sitting for a while. According to the seller, the rust is light. In our minds, it’s really a toss-up between getting that old International V8 spinning again and swapping in something more Cummins flavored. Either way, no repainting allowed.

Link: eBay Motors


  1. I don't mind admitting if I bought this, it'd get a new paint job. Salt isn't kind to unpainted metal.
    Just, are rollers or brushes the preferred applicator?

  2. I'm digging it. If I were a plumber, painter, handyman or some such tradesman this would totally be my truck. There's a guy around here driving an old International Harvester R-series (I think) delivery truck. I've seen it twice, neither time I had my camera handy.
    Of course, the practical answer for small business people that need to carry stuff is a Ford Transit Connect, but if I were practical I wouldn't be here.

  3. Man, I'd love to have this truck. I have no need for a snowplow, living in Southern Arizona, but this truck could take the kind of lousy desert roads I like to explore. Paint? Not with the mesquite, creosote bushes, and catclaw along those roads. Major thorns. Tears the hell out of a paint job.
    I would add a winch however. Getting this thing stuck would be a real bummer.

  4. I would take that as a challenge. I remember a time I decided I was invulnerable to mud since I was driving a '73 Irrational 1/2-ton 4×4. And promptly got stuck in a ditch after deciding that driveways were optional, and we had to go get a tractor to pull me out.

  5. I agree, this is the Chuck Norris, or maybe the Henry Rollins or Hank Williams of trucks, not to mention the Frank Zappa and Hunter S. Thompson but not necessarily the Donald Fagan. However, this can get just as stuck as anything else, and I'm a believer in having a winch when you're going deep into the desert. We winched a Jeep out of a deep rut a few weeks ago, took minutes, as opposed to taking the rest of the afternoon jacking it up and stuffing shit under the tires to get it un-high-centered. If you're not afraid of catastrophes like this, you can keep your peace of mind out in the middle of nowhere. And not spill your beer fucking around with high lift jacks.

  6. My best friends Dad spent 25+ years as a surveyor for the USGS, mostly here in AZ, putting in those benchmarks and monuments that you find on top of mountains and other seemingly random places all over. He always said, " 2-wheel drive was to go as far as you could until you got stuck, then you used 4-wheel drive to back out, turn around, and then you started hiking. If you kept going until you got stuck in 4-wheel drive and couldn't get yourself out, you'd be so far away from help that the hike back could kill you." They didn't have sat/cell-phones back then, but I still use that as a rule, because that high-lift can stay where it's mounted forever in my book

  7. Edward Abbey once wrote something similar to that. I can get pretty far in my two wheel drive F100, but four wheel drive gets you stuck further. When I lived in Utah, I got that truck mired in the only mudhole I've ever seen in the West Desert. Took all morning to get it jacked up and wood and rocks stuffed under the wheels so I could drive it out of there. Yeah, you've got to be careful out in the boonies. It's best to convoy with a few vehicles, but aside from that never get too brave. That's why a winch is a good idea, it'll get you or your buddy out of a hole.
    However, the aforementioned Jeep was owned and driven by a bonehead, and he wouldn't have gotten stuck if he had had a lick of sense. He shall remain nameless, and is not a Hoon.

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