24 Hours of Lemons New England – The Parking Lot

Sometimes the most interesting cars at any car event are right in the parking lot. It was no different at this weekend’s New England Lemons race. There were interesting sports cars, sedans, and trucks. New and old, common (not many pics of those) and unique. Below is a gallery of the cars seen in the parking lot… with a few surprises.


The white F30 BMW 335i may look familiar. It belongs to Will Turner, owner of a certain BMW ActiveE and Turner Motorsport. What does a guy who races in Grand-Am’s Rolex and Continental Sports Car Challenge do on a race-free weekend? Well, he races Lemons! In this case the Turner team kept a low profile, and with their red E30 they could have been mistaken for any other Lemons team. I wish I had half of this guy’s passion.

The rat-rod was awesome, as was the old Caddy. I don’t know anything about either one of these cars but unlike California, where these are penny-a-dozen, you don’t see those often in the northeast. Like Audis? Check out the red Coupe. Porsche fan? There were a few with hair-dryers attached. Some cool tow rigs too. 

What really blew my mind were the campers and the camping buses. Those things are not cheap and there was quite a few of them which just shows that Lemons racing really attracts all kinds, especially considering that there was a creepy old pedo van for every tour bus. 

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