Because it's Monday: Here's Maseratay's Sexxxy Video

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 6.31.25 AM
If you like Belgian house music then you probably know of and like the band Maseratay. If you’re not too sure about that electronica but really like the classic marque from which the band derived their name then you’ll flip over this video for Sexxxy off their 2012 album On-Point.
It’s Monday and we could all use some cool jams and cooler cars to mellow out the hardest day of the week, so get Sexxxy right after the jump.
Image: Vimeo

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  1. TheOtherMacLeod Avatar

    I have to disagree… Tuesdays are by far the hardest day of the week… 😛
    Great video!

  2. CruisinTime Avatar

    Your turn to push…woof..woof…