2019 Genesis G70 – This one is really good…

Our attention was initially grabbed when Kia rolled out the Stinger. Now we’re paying even more attention because Genesis has a sports sedan of its own. The Genesis G70 is one sweet machine.

You have to get the twin-turbocharged V6. You have to ignore the manual gearbox that’s offered and get the automatic. And you have to get the Sport version.

Once you’ve done that, you’ve unlocked the code to a great dual purpose machine. It’s a great daily driver and an supremely enjoyable twisty road tool.

[Disclaimer: Genesis tossed us the keys to the G70 and included a tank of fuel.]


  1. The only reason this car is even on my radar is the Manual box. Unless they’ve got PDK, DSG, or a ZF8, I want to row my own. Have you driven both? Why dismiss the manual, does it not feel good?

    1. I’m guessing the manual is only on the 2.0T? Haven’t seen it behind the V6 turbo yet.

      1. That is currently the case. Hyundai has me a bit worried, it seems like they are reluctant to give autojournos lower trim models, and I recently read a review of the base model Kona that was in stark contrast to everything written about the top trim models.

        1. I haven’t driven it, but word is that it’s just ok. Paired with the smaller engine, it just doesn’t compete well with the more powerful version

          1. Wouldn’t be the first, most reviews I’ve seen of BMWs prefer the ZF 8sp over the manual.

        2. I wouldn’t expect the current case to change, either. Genesis knows perfectly well that the take rate on the manual is going to be low, and from what I have gathered, that transmission is a version of the same one they’ve had in previous cars (the Genesis coupe is the main one coming to mind). With the I-4 also being an engine they’ve used elsewhere, it was relatively easy to drop the I-4 and manual combination into the G70, but it doesn’t sound like they have anything that would bolt up to the V-6. I can’t really fault them for not wanting to go through the development time and cost needed to produce a manual that would work with that V-6 (not to mention getting the new powertrain combination certified for sale by the world’s various government emissions agencies), and as you said elsewhere, it’ll be easier to get more power out of the turbo 2.0 than to swap the transmission in the V-6 (especially since the manual models get a unique center console). Thankfully the Stinger guys have already gotten the ball rolling in the aftermarket mods department, and a Burger Motorsports JB4 looks like a pretty tidy solution to the lack-of-V6 problem…

    2. I agree completely. I like the Stinger, but with its automatic-only gearbox, I never felt inspired to even test-drive one. There’s a lot to like about the G70 inside and out, but the real attractant for me is that manual. It’d be great if you could pair it with the V6 turbo, but if Genesis forces a choice between the manual transmission and the more powerful engine, I’ll happily concede the horsepower for the ability to enjoy the clutch and stick.

      1. It’ll always be easier to get more power out of a 2.0T than it will to swap gearboxes

  2. Adjusting for 15-20 years of industry progress, does this strike you as a better product than the early 00’s Infiniti G35?

      1. Good to hear. I read the press on the G35 at the time, and it was pretty well unanimously a better than good car at a really attractive price as an alternative to The Usual Sporty Sedan. Mrs. Neight bought an ’03 version and we liked it a lot.

  3. I actually bought one of these recently. I would have loved to have had the larger engine, but darn it, I’m doing my part to save the manuals! With all the carping about the death of the manual transmission from enthusiasts, and the counter-carping from others about how enthusiasts never actually put their money where their mouths are and wait for the used market instead, it almost felt like my duty to put in a “more like this, please” vote with my wallet.

    …though more importantly, it was a pretty good deal for a unicorn of a configuration that is, other than the lack of the TT V-6, almost exactly how I would have spec’d it myself (manual, manual handbrake [which they added specifically to the manual-trans models!], RWD, LSD, cooled seats, big brake option, upgraded stereo, and yet NO sunroof, thank goodness).

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