2018 Ford Mustang – Yey or Ney?

This is the face of the 2018 Ford Mustang. The whole internet car world seems to have an opinion about it. We felt left out, so we are asking – improved or ruined?
In addition to the rhinoplasty, the Stang’s rear-end also gets surgically enhanced. Under the hood, the four and the V8 get more power (unknown how much more at this time) and the V6 is dropped – will anyone miss it?

2018-Ford-Mustang rear
So, is this an overall improvement or will you run to buy a 2017?
Greg will have all the details on the 2018 Mustang on this Friday’s Hooniverse News segment.

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9 responses to “2018 Ford Mustang – Yey or Ney?”

  1. Harry Callahan Avatar
    Harry Callahan

    The updated nose is neither better nor worse. Just different.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Agreed, probably less to choose between the two than the 1969 & 1970. There have been some pretty over the top reactions to it though.

  2. CraigSu Avatar

    I can’t tell the difference, honestly. Perhaps the Mustang is the new E-Class Coupe.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      Spot on! One of my neighbours told me this morning he is going to pick up his new one today, a 299hp hybrid, which is an outrageous car in egalitarian Norway. I just came home from evening training and…only the wheels look different.

      1. nanoop Avatar

        Which is very Norwegian, indeed.

  3. JayP Avatar

    I like it, the kid doesn’t.
    Won’t miss the V6.

  4. Maymar Avatar

    I thought I heard this will raise the best price – that’s my only objection.

  5. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    i’m not saying they ripped off the design, but it’s hard not to see this

  6. Ross Ballot Avatar
    Ross Ballot

    Wish the GT didn’t get the GT350-esque exhaust tips, otherwise I’m on board.