2016 Audi RS 7 Performance takes on Shift Sector

The Audi RS 7 is one of those cars that makes you rethink the laws of physics. Heavy cars such as the RS 7 accelerate with such demand you’d think each one is programmed from the factory to be a heist getaway vehicle. Audi Sport added “Performance” to the RS 7 nameplate, which adds even more character to this svelte sedan, but it now demands an even higher premium … and it’s totally worth each and every penny.
When originally thinking of the idea to test the new RS 7 Performance, Shift Sector immediately came to mind. First established in 2011, Shift Sector started as a group of enthusiasts wanting to run on an open runway, but it grew so quickly they had to move on to larger venues that could handle this increased demand. With numerous locations across the United States, we attended their Airstrip Attack in Coalinga, California.
So how did the RS 7 Performance stack up? Well, it broke some hearts and raised plenty of eyebrows. At the end of my time with it, though, I truly regretted having to give it back. Perhaps it should have been my getaway vehicle.
[Disclaimer: Audi tossed us the keys to the RS 7 with a full tank of gas that I expended in a most glorious manner.]

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