2-Stroke Swedish Meatball: The SAAB 92H Camper

If you’ve ever felt a strange tingling when you saw a Saab 99 with a piggybacking Toppola camper shell, then this 92H Camper should cause your nucleus accumbens to explode from overstimulation. The 92H was the brainchild of Torsten Johansson, who in 1963 asked the fundamental question, “why aren’t there any front-wheel drive, two-stroke, car-based campers?” After constructing the 92H and using it for a few years, he realized the answer to his philosophical question was: “28 HP.” Even with lightweight wooden construction, all that additional weight over the drive axle meant that the 92H was not long for this Earth. It was converted into a stationary hunting cabin before being rescued by the dudes at Saab92H.se, who are eccentric even by Saab-fanboy standards. These guys had noticed that the 92H’s successor, the 95HK, which Johansson built to utilize the stouter V4, was up for auction. Through that auction, they stumbled across the 92H, and ended up with them both. I was having trouble getting the galleries to work on the site, but hop on over to Saab92H.se for more information and hopefully some additional photos of the restoration. The website’s in Swedish, so I recommend using a translation … click here if you’re lazy: English Saab92H.se. Images courtesy of Saab92H.se

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