1977 Dodge Ram Charger 4×4 Van

The other day I get an email from my sister-in-law’s ex-boyfriend with a Craigslist link and this:

new idea for a project – what do yo think about this one 🙂

it’s the bomb! tho he said it was a NP 205 transfer case but more likely its a 203.

Well, I love it! While we had a ’91 Dodge conversion van in the family, I do not know much about these. The ad is written in an odd way too; first the seller needs money for school and then considers a trade for a Ducati. The seller also says that the wiper motor needs replacement and that the heads need to be ported. Hmm… interesting choice of priorities.

Link to ad below, next from ad after the jump in case the ad disappears.

[Source: Craigslist]

Here is a super rare 1977 Dodge Van Charger Custom Sportsman with the Factory Approved Pathfinder 4×4 conversion. I just bought this in the last month and since then found out I got excepted into school. So priorities have shifted. This thing is a blast to drive because unlike newer cars, you actually drive this thing! I have a list of all of the things that need to be done to it (About $2600.00 worth if you have it done at a mechanic, but only around $1k in parts if you DIY ). Some things that need to be done are; New Radiator, Adjust the Carb, Port the heads, new wiper motor, some break work and some electrical work. I have a Itemized list if you come look at it. I really don’t want to sell it so Im firm on the price (Just looking to break even). It has a small block 400 with less than 50k miles on it and less than 98k original. The transmission has been redone. Has little to no rust. It’s all time 4WD with a NP 205 Transfer Case. A solid wood oak floor has been installed, new shag carpet interior on the walls plus new insulation. Basically Allot of restoration has already begun and just needs some finishing. Has a custom roof rack also with spare tire, ax, jack, and jerry can mounts. Van could have a ton of life left if someone puts a little time and money into it. I may consider a trade for a Ducati Monster. Other than that, no trades or negotiations.

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