1973 Learns About The Automobile With What's Under Your Hood?

One of my favorite YouTube Channels is US Auto Industry. It’s chock full of absolutely wonderful vintage short movies that cover all manner of what is generally our favorite subject. This clip today is from a film called What’s Under Your Hood? and it was produced in 1973. It goes through the basics of how your car is able to do what it does, and what all the parts are called.
The simple animations, excellent narrator voice, and old-school visuals are an absolute delight. If you have a few minutes to spare, then you should pop on some headphones and take in this classic clip.

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  1. mdharrell Avatar

    I believe I remember watching this in my high school auto shop class back in 19–, ah, let’s just go with “a while ago.”

  2. CraigSu Avatar

    “The driveshaft transmits the power to the rear axle.” Definitely 1973 America, right there. Also, what’s with the use of the term ‘generator’? Alternators had been in widespread use for 10 years before this film was made.

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