1972 Chevelle Wagon is sitting low but full of potential

chevelle wagon
It’s Wednesday. That means it’s time for me to talk you into buying a wagon, and todays example is primed and ready to go. The seller states that this ’72 Chevelle wagon is fast. Based on the ad, it’s quite possible that this is true:

72 Chevelle Wagon 383 Stroker Motor with Cam, Turbo 400 Transmission, P/s, P/B, front Disc Brakes, two way tail gate, Dougs Headers, Flow Master Exhaust, Air Ride Suspension front and rear, new KYB rear Shocks, Optima Battery, Classic Rev wheels, Cooper Cobra tires, Engine and Trans has about 35,000 miles use, car is very fast, would make a great surf wagon. I don’t need any help selling my car, If you see the add that means the car is still for sell. 5500.00 or best offer, call Joe 714 290-7092. Thanks for looking.

Head to the listing to see all of the photos. Once there you’ll find some great things, and some things that need a bit of attention. If the air-ride suspension is in good shape, that could be a fun bonus here. Those front seats, however, should be tossed immediately. Other than that, along as this Chevelle runs as strong as the ad indicates, the asking price is right in the ballpark.
If someone can step in and snag this for just under $5,000, then you’ve got yourself a whole lot of car for not a whole lot of money.
[Source: Craigslist]

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  1. CruisinTime Avatar

    That is a sweet cruiser, good value unless the motor is run out,and weary.

  2. Jaap Avatar

    I like the contrast between wheels and paint(?), a suggestion to the next owner to continue the white bit on roof snd downwards on the rear.

  3. longrooffan Avatar

    Nice ride and lotsa goodies for reasonable money. However that appearingly bone stock 66 longroof in the background of the car show image is more appealing to this olelongrooffan.

  4. salguod Avatar

    So, the ad says $5,500, but the back window here says $15K?

  5. Rich Cabesa Avatar
    Rich Cabesa

    There are tons of reproduction parts available for these cars so the Buyer can finish it properly. Jeff, you are correct; the seats belong in a Ricer….

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