1967 Alfa Romeo 332 Stradale – I'll Tumblr 4 Ya Edition

1967 Alfa Romeo 332 Stradale Reading blogs can get tiring especially when your browser is filled with the same sites on a daily basis. I’m sure you even get sick of us from time to time. What do you do when that occurs? You take a break from reading the words on the screen and head to a site where you simply stare at the pictures on the screen. The best place to do this is over on Tumblr.com. One of the best pages to visit on said site is a place called F*&k Yeah Carburetors. You’re in love already… Here is just one of the random photos I found over there. Head on over and discover the goldmine for yourself: fuckyeahcarburetors.tumblr.com Yes, I know these photos don’t belong to the person behind the site but he certainly has a knack for finding the best ones out there in the tubes.

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