1965: When Men Were Men, And Japanese Pickups Had Real Hood Ornaments

1965 Datsun 320 Pickup Hood Ornament
1965 Datsun 320 Pickup Hood Ornament

The Pick-N-Pull in East Oakland is just a few miles from my place, so I headed right over when I got a couple of tips about this truck.
You’ll see the rest of the photos in a Down On The Junkyard post next weekend, but thought I’d share a photo of this beautiful Datsun emblem with y’all and give the heads-up to any Bay Area Hooniversarians who might want to go score some parts off this reasonably complete truck. You won’t get the hood ornament, though— I couldn’t leave the yard without it.


  1. She’s a beaut. I love looking at old logos and hood ornaments. My brother-in-law had a Corolla that had lime a Superman logo, except with a T in it. I regret not poaching that after the car was wrecked.

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