1959 F250 Crew Cab Could Probably be the Mascot for Brawley, CA

1959 ford f250 for saleEver been to Brawley? Actually, no one’s every been to Brawley. If you’ve made an eastward trek out of San Diego, you might have been through Brawley. One could consider it a suburb on the north side of the bustling metropolis that is El Centro. Yours truly has purchased both gas and food in Brawley on more than one occasion and, well…we can only assume this particular Brawley-residing F250’s for sale because the Mayor is upgrading to a ’72 F250.

Coastal elitism aside, this beast of a truck is about as rare (and heavy and desiccated and awesome) as a frozen woolly mammoth.

1959 ford f250 for sale1959 ford f250 for sale

Sporting a 4 speed on the floor and a straight six with about 12 moving parts, the fact that this truck has been sitting since the mid-70s shouldn’t really be much of an obstacle to making it roadworthy. It’ll be just the small matter of replacing every rubber part or flushing out anything that’s ever held fluid. Beyond that, you might want to throw a couple of blankets on the seats so your dogs can ride along in comfort.

1959 ford f250 for sale

The reserve’s unmet at $2000 with 2 days left on eBay Motors

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  1. The Professor Avatar
    The Professor

    Nice beater truck! I don't think I'd pay two grand for it, more like $200. I'd give them $500 if it ran.

  2. Marlene Basey Avatar

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  3. Jay Avatar

    Does anyone know if the truck is still available?

  4. mike Avatar

    you still got this truck??? just found it!!!!

  5. josh Avatar

    good thinking

  6. antonio Avatar

    the truck is still available?

    1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

      I would assume, being that this was an eBay listing over three years ago, that, yes. It's still available. Although the owner is only accepting hi-ball offers. First hun'ert grand takes it.