1956 Electric Star Chief Kids Car, For the Junior Hoon With Impeccable Taste

…and wealthy parents, given that the the bidding’s up to  $1750. Kids cars based on real models were pretty common promotional items back in the day, but like most promo materials (or things given to kids), they tended not to last long. This one’s in pretty rough shape, but it’s about as simple a device as you could get. The in the shots with the body removed, you can see the frame, rack and pinion and electric motor…and that’s about it. It’d take all of 15 minutes to drop in a new set of Optimas and a beefy DC motor. That, or you could go the purist route and clean up the original motor. Then there’s door number 3, which involves the bike motor of your choosing and extra coverage on your life insurance. Auction ends in2 hours! on eBay Motors

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