1937 Chrysler Imperial Town Car is latest focal point in the restore or preserve discussion

To restore, or not to restore… that is the question that confounds many an automotive enthusiast. Restorations can return previously stunning machines into works of art that are in greater shape than when they left the factory floor. Some cars, however, are viewed as important notes in history, and many feel that these cars and truck should be preserved with their patina and spirit intact. People who argue on each side of this automotive fence have valid points, and we understand each side.

The latest car to enter into this fray is a 1937 Chrysler Imperial Town Car, which was custom built to the specifications of one Walter P. Chrysler. This Town Car was a museum piece from 1959 through 1986, and after that it became a forgotten, dust-covered hunk of history. A museum volunteer purchased the car last year with a winning bid of $275,000. Funny enough, the same car was offered for sale in 1992 with no buyers willing to pony up $12,000.

Let me allow your head to come back together, since it’s no doubt exploded all over your monitor.

Owner Howard Kroplick has since cleaned off the layers of dust, and is considering a full restoration of the car. Others, however, are crying out for Kroplick to leave the car as is, and to simply preserve it. What say you, dear reader, should this magnificent beast be restored to its former glory, or should we revel in the majesty of its unrestored state?

[Source: MotorAuthority | Image courtesy of VanderbuiltCupRaces]

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