$1500 928, You have no excuse not to


Let’s get something straight: I don’t even like the 928. For whatever reason, it does nothing for me. The styling is what real auto reviewers might call polarizing (I call it lame). That said, there are some who find it fantastic. In fairness, a well-sorted chassis and 4.5 liter German V8 coupled to a 5-speed is a good place to start, and it’s deviance from the default Porsche form earns points around here.

How can you argue with burgundy?

However, the best thing the 928 has going for it is horrific depreciation. Said depreciation may or may not be well-founded, given the horrific complexity and eye-watering parts costs.

Imagine yourself here

Regardless, the $1500 tag on today’s example is too cheap not to take a shot at it. With the rare 5-speed and only 71k on the clock, it’s almost too good to be true. The good news is, it’s listed on Craigslist so we know the seller’s totally legit.

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9 responses to “$1500 928, You have no excuse not to”

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  2. lilwillie Avatar

    Geeze, if that was close enough I’d scope it up.

  3. Maymar Avatar

    And the best part is, it even doubles as a U-boat!
    Also, I may have to show that ad to a nearby overpriced sketchy used car lot. They’ve got a suitably brown 5-spd 928 (with about 135k) in the weeds, so it should theoretically be at LeMons money.

  4. Halberstram Avatar

    When the engine blows up (8ft timing belt FTL) or otherwise becomes too expensive to be worth repairing, theres always an LS-1 swap to keep this bad boy on the road. If I was in LA I’d be all over that thing like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

  5. Armand4 Avatar

    Aah, the 928… when you’re terrified by lift-off oversteer, but you really want to wear that polo shirt with the Porsche crest on it, accept no substitute.

    1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      I guess this isn’t the one for me. I’m used to lift-off understeer. And leave-my-foot on understeer, for that matter.

  6. MrHowser Avatar

    Amen. I’m buying you a shot of whatever that is.

  7. superbadd75 Avatar

    I guess I’m a freak, I love the styling! Sure, it doesn’t look like a Porsche, whatever that means, but it’s still cool IMO. I always thought Porsche should have taken this car a little further, and offered cars that kind of competed with Ferrari’s front engine cars. I guess that’s not what Porsche traditionally does, but branching out certainly wouldn’t hurt their bottom line, and a front engine car would be a much better way to expand the lineup than a VW based SUV.

  8. Jonny Lieberman Avatar

    What most people fail to realize about the 928, is that it was Porsche’s moonshot, their all-in technological 70s push. The next Porsche moonshot was the 959, after that the Carrera GT, etc.
    $1500? I’m buying two.

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