Your Dog Wants You to Buy this '64 Ford F100 4×4

1964 ford f100 4x4 for saleWhat is it about a dog riding up front on a bench seat? There’s a part of our eight year old selves that lives on, begging to go take a toy truck and the dog and play in the mud or snow. This is that truck.

Specifically, we’re looking at a 1964 Ford F100 with a 292 Y-Block V8, 4-speed (with granny low) manual transmission and four wheel drive. Per the seller everything works great and the paint is a 70s re-spray with patina. The pictures show a clean looking truck that appears to get regular use. No, you won’t win any form of race or conquer the Rubicon trail with this truck, but you will be able to go camping anywhere with your dog and your girl without even having to pitch a tent. You’ll get thumbs up and respect with every Lowe’s run and you’ll develop a strong relationship with your physical therapist or pharmacist to deal with the back pain.

 1964 ford f100 4x4 side1964 ford f100 4x4 interior1964 ford f100 4x4 offroad

Anyway, we’re looking at $2,125 with an unmet reserve and 1½  days remaining.

1964 Ford F100 4×4 for sale – eBay Motors

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