Young Man Turns To Reddit For Car Buying Advice…

  I was browsing the /r/Cars subreddit this morning, when I came across a thread with the poster looking for some car buying advice. The person states that are 23 and looking for their first car. The budget is $5,000 or less. The poster then goes on to add that they’d just like something that’s able to get through a minimal amount of ice and snow while also possibly being able to carry a bike in the back. Here are some of the suggestions from the thread:

  • A Chevy Cavalier/Pontiac Sunfire
  • A Crown Vic
  • An AWD Volvo S60 or BMW 3-Series
  • A BMW E36 or E46
  • A Toyota Corolla

I’m not sure any of those are that helpful. Surprisingly, the Crown Vic is the one that comes closest to the needs of the person shopping for a car. I’d probably suggest something like this Subaru Forester (assuming it was well maintained), this Volkswagen Passat Wagon, or this Mazda 6 wagon (use the extra cash to clean it up). What would you recommend here? Sound off below

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