Ethan Tufts buys a BMW for Radwood

You want to go to Radwood but you don’t have a car? So buy one!

Ethan Tufts has a driveway full of “rad”. Well, rad in the sense that his car qualify for a Radwood show. Not so rad that they’re Hooniverse-approved heaps in various state of repair. Ahead of the recent Radwood Norcal show, Ethan wanted to find a proper ride for the show and this meant stepping out from his own fleet.

Well… actually, he just added to his fleet. Ethan bought a BMW 740iL with the goal of road-tripping from Southern California to the northern part of the state, some seven states away, I think. It’s a big-ass state.

How did it go? Click play on the video above to see the adventure unfold.

If you can’t watch it at work, here’s the breakdown …hehehe.

Ethan’s 1997 BMW 740iL purchased his executive sedan in seemingly excellent shape. Sure, lots of the trim inside crumbles at a soft touch, but Ethan picked it up for a song. If it runs well, the ride to San Francisco will be a breeze. Oh is that a Check Engine light?

At 3:45 keep an out in the video for a rad-as-hell video transition. Ethan makes it up the highway, finds a hotel for the evening, then transforms into full rad attire for the show. Unfortunately, he bought his glamrock outfit before he settled on a 740 as his ride of choice. No matter, Ethan is prepped for Radwood royalty.

He makes it. The car makes it. The outfit arrives. It all adds to the air of rad. Ethan takes in the show, features a few cars, and even wins an award along the way.

The drive home happens …free of drama. This 1997 BMW 740iL handles the trip with no issue. Though we recommend not investigating that CEL and just flipping the car on CL.

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5 responses to “You want to go to Radwood but you don’t have a car? So buy one!”

  1. Hatchtopia Avatar

    Ethan is a rad dude and makes some great vids. Definitely check out some of his other adventures on YouTube. Now I just need to convince him to restore that 1-of-237 Prizm GSi hatchback with the grenaded engine…

  2. mdharrell Avatar

    I’m all in favor of any excuse, or even the absence of an excuse, for buying an additional vehicle, but claiming that a car already in one’s driveway is “far too dilapidated to attend a car show” strains at my credulity.

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      The concept of ‘too dilapidated’ does not and cannot exist.

    2. outback_ute Avatar

      If it can’t physically get there I’d call that too dilapidated

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        This is among the reasons I’m fond of trailers.

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