You Have No Excuse: Toyota Celica Alltrac for $3500

The Celica Alltrac was one of Toyota’s last grasps at awesome as the 80s came to a close. After that, it was all champagne front-drivers and reliability. Humbug!
The seller’s managed to write an ad that may have the highest insight/dollar of any Craigslist ad we’ve ever seen. The spelling, capitalization and grammar are all correct. He’s honest about what he’s done and what issues the car has. The mods are tasteful and well thought out.
Craigslist: 1989 Toyota Celica Alltrac (ST165); Via Bring A Trailer

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  1. Tomsk Avatar

    I certainly have a soft spot for these things, and they're pretty rare (especially the second generation).
    And Toyota still did awesome well into the '90s; witness the SW20 MR2, the Mk. 4 Supra, the Previa S/C…

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