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You can help bring this American Motors documentary to life

Remember AMC? That would be the American Motors Corporation, born from the smashed-together ashes of Nash and Hudson. The AMC brand produced sweet rides like the Rambler, Eagle, Javelin, and more. For a while, AMC owned Jeep, and we got the legendary Jeep 4.0-liter engine. But the company ran into money trouble, partnered with French automaker Renault for a time, and ultimately wound up being absorbed by Chrysler. It’s an automotive history lesson, and there’s a team eager to tell it.

The Last Independent Automaker is a six-part docu-series focused on the history of AMC. It features interviews with those involved and aims to unfold the history of American Motors. The series looks to be shared in 2024 and needs help to cross the finish line.

You can watch the trailer above. And here’s a link to the project’s GoFundMe page if you want more information. Making a documentary like this is expensive, but the subject matter here is interesting, and it could be fun to be a small part of making it come to light.

Maybe we all come together with a few bucks and donate to the project under the Hooniverse umbrella? Would anyone be interested in that? If I get enough hand raisers, we can put something together. Of course, you can always donate under your own name if you prefer… you’ll wind up in their credits that way!

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4 responses to “You can help bring this American Motors documentary to life”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    “Independent”? Independent from what? AMC/Jeep/Renault/Nash-Kelvinator-Hudson-Kaiser-Willys/Jingleheimer -Schmitt might have been the smallest and most sickly fish in the Detriot pond but they were hardly what you’d call an independent manufacturer. Same suppliers, same unions, same revolving door of marketers swimming from job to job.

    Crosley, American Bantam, Midget Motors, Intermeccanica… those were independent of the Detriot ecosystem.

  2. caltemus Avatar

    Mazda is/was the last independent automaker, at least after the sale by Ford and before the strategic alliance with Toyota. Looks like a great documentary though

    1. OA5599 Avatar

      I guess Tesla won’t count until they build something with internal combustion.

      Kinda surprised they have a GoFundMe for this after they already have a public television deal in the works, and it seems disproportionalely trivial to only ask for $10 K. Mitt is already on board with the project. It should be easy enough to remind him they are making a miniseries of documentaries that flatter his dad, and ask him to check his sofa cushions for the spare change to finish the project.

      There’s always room for more AMC documentaries, but Regular Cars already did a really thorough one.

  3. Salguod Avatar

    I grew up in the 70s and 80s and at that time and earlier the auto industry here was seen as the big 3 and the independents. Foreign companies were a tiny fraction of sales and not worth talking about. In that context American Motors was the last of the independents and that era came to a close when they were sold to Chrysler.

    By then the Japanese and the Germans were making inroads and the shift was the big 3, or just the American industry, and the foreign makers.

    Now the big 3 don’t really exist since Chrysler is owned by Fiat, plus GM and Ford no longer dwarf the industry. And we have a new crop of “independents” in electric car startups. But it’s not really the same environment that existed in the US in the 70s and 80s and earlier.

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