In the year 2000, BMW was just beginning to sell the famed E39 M5. This was — and still is — a truly excellent car, with handsome styling, a glorious powertrain, and bank-vault-like build quality. At least on the surface. Lately, demand for these has skyrocketed, as no modern car can quite capture the driving experience of an E39 M5.

Was the M5 the best BMW of this era? Tough question. That’s because BMW also sold the E38 7-Series during this era, and by 2000, it was available with the M-Sport package. Sure, the M5 is handsome, but the M-Sport 740i steals the show. It may be the most perfectly styled sedan that will ever exist.

However, BMW has never built an M7. So if you wanted the gorgeous styling of the 7-Series, you gave up the M5’s powertrain — including its manual transmission. That is, until now.

Yes, some absolute madman has taken the drivetrain from an E39 M5 and shoved it into an E38 740i M-Sport. This has created the best BMW that never existed — the best design and best powertrain from the era combined. What’s more, this car is painted silver, which is arguably the best color for an E38. And you can buy it.

This car is currently live at auction on Cars & Bids, which is Doug DeMuro’s recently launched car auction site. The platform is still in its infancy, but it has already hosted some interesting cars, including the worst Enzo replica ever conceived. As of this writing, the high bid sits at $10,740 with six days remaining in the auction.

I suspect it won’t sit at that number for long, as this is surely a desirable car. It offers the ultimate in BMW ownership: a beautiful design, fabulous powertrain, and a laundry list of minor issues — many of them electronic. Please go bid on this car before I do.