Nissan GTR stuffed animals

We’re a pretty inclusive bunch, not really ones to pass judgement on others’ style. That said, we’re gonna go ahead and say it’s not ok to cover the dash and package shelf of your GTR with cutesy stuffed animals. Also, the only god that comes to mind in this case is Koalemos. The worst part about this car is that for as stupid as the plate and army of stuffed animals are, it’d still smoke your ass.
Still, it could’ve been worse.
Hat tip to Tim in Athens!

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  1. Fodder650 Avatar

    No no… the license place is supposed to be GodZILLA like… but i guess when you only have 7 characters to play with and ZilaLik is taken by a furrie… it leaves you with no choice

  2. lilwillie Avatar

    Trophies. Those are from Civics, Mustangs and Camaros that thought they could take him.

  3. engineerd Avatar

    First, I saw my first GT-R in the flesh this last weekend. The plate number was "GODZILA" or something like that. Also, it is much larger than I imagined.
    Second, the covering of the dash and package shelf in beanie babies is a purely psychological move. It disarms opponents who will see all the cutsie little stuffed toys and think that the driver doesn't have the cajones to drive a Smart Fortwo in anger, much less a GT-R. The opponent is sorely wrong and will be further embarassed when they see a Care Bear hurtling past them.

  4. skay¢og Avatar

    I have nothing on my dashboard, and I have nothing hanging from the rear view mirror. I'd think this guy could be ticketed for having his vision obstructed.
    <img src=""&gt;

    1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Surprise! 7351 – 7400
      Here is an image of my skull:
      Anyway the doctor asked about Kevin if he gets tics when playing video games. He does. So she said she thinks it is anxiety related. See when he plays the game he wants to do well, and when he wants to do well at something, they happen. The video game was a great example. Another thing is if you bring the tics up, then they can happen more, he spent some time at my parents' and my mom bugged him about them, then he got them when he got back. Also hereditary, well I remember that when I used to play video games as a kid, I would get all itchy, how weird is that!?
      Anyway they wax and they wane. We are not supposed to mention the tics, let them get bad after this visit, and then just see how bad good they get over 2-3 months. If they do get so bad again that he cannot sleep, then we have a list of medicines to try. Also it helped Aga a lot to here from a doctor that the ADHD medicines did not cause the tics, it's more thanks to my genes and that kevin wants to succeed and please others.

    2. $kaycog Avatar

      mzs, szm, ama……..Nice to know that there's nothing shows up in your head. Hahaha! Seriously, it does give you peace of mind to see that nothing abnormal is there.
      I've talked to friends about kids and their tics, and it seems to be a fairly common thing. And, they also say not to bring it up to the kid. It will go away. I hope you can convince your mother to quit bugging him about it. I wonder if the kids at school say anything to him. Kids can be very cruel.
      Happy Hump Day!

    3. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      We asked him yesterday, Kevin said kids don't tease him, so that's good, as is your advice. I have been having like an hour of eally little head ache, I hope it's going away now for good. They gave me this pain medicine to take every 8 hours, it's great, but it only works for 2 hours or so. I had to coach soccer all alone, for the beginning half. The coach got caught in traffic who had all the cones and everything. I did my best, but it was pandemonium. Oh and your joke about my empty head made me laugh, thanks. Here's another catscan image:
      Good night,

    4. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      Well it's not as bad the pain right now, I did just take an ibuprofen. I think this head ache is slowly waning, which is good. They gave me the same pain killer in the ER, but it was a big pill that they cut in half. These I think are a lot smaller dose each. Isn't that scan cool! It was like slices of my head, neat! And the doctor was like it's not that great when he gave mt eh disc and I was all excited. I guess they get underwhelmed over time, but to me it's really phenomenal they can look inside a person like that. Same with sonograms of my kids.
      Oh yes I have plans. Soon (wow it's only like a week away now) Aga is going with Kevin to Poland for a while. So this weekend I am spending extra time with him. Saturday we are going to a minor league baseball game. Then we are going camping with the scouts. On Monday we are having birthday and going away parties with family invited for Aga, Kevin, Michelle, and me. That reminds me, I sent Vavon an email a little while back, never heard from him, wishing him a happy birthday. I know ours are only a day apart. Anyway, how's he doing? Miss that guy.
      What have you in your plans?

    5. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, mzs, mri…..So, you're going to be Mr. Mom for how long when Aga and Kevin go to Poland? Who will watch the kids while you are at work? What an exciting trip for them.
      Vavon is fine and still funny. You should stop by to say 'hi' sometime.
      My weekend is going to be a mixture of relaxation and fun with friends…….dinner out (starting tonight), cookout tomorrow night and possibly Saturday night. I do want to get things done around the house too. Monday, I have friends from out of town stopping by, and we're going out to dinner.

    6. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      I'll stop in to say hi to Vavon, still chasing storms there? Have a fun weekend! I think it's 14 days without Aga and Kevin. I can't remember exactly anymore though. I'm working less hours and taking some vacation. School does not end right away and then we signed-up Michelle and Jake for some activities. I remember Michelle is in a play I can't remember what Jake has. Aga set all this up, she's great. Michelle is going with some friends so she will car poll with those parents. I have to take to and from what he has. There are a few days I will take entire vacation day. I bet my mom and dad will watch them some time too. It's funny, last time I went and bought more silver ware instead of doing the dishes. This time Aga got paper and plastic, hee hee hee. I'll miss them a lot though, always do. I try to keep the other kids busy while mom is away so they don't get bored and then sad when they realize mom is not there. That helps. Anyway after that we all take a vacation to CA.
      Have a good one,

    7. $kaycog Avatar

      zms, zsm, dds…..Two weeks is a long time, but it would be kind of silly to go that far for any less time than that.
      I can't believe you buying silverware instead of washing what you already had. You know you should wash new silverware before using it, don't you? Silly man.
      I'm sure the other kids won't get bored or sad because you won't let them.
      Yes, we're still chasing storms, but with a little difficulty in that it usually takes quite awhile for a post to show up……maybe even overnight. Anyway, it's just the three of us, so it's no big deal if we screw up the numbers.

    8. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      So the silverware was odd. It was like the kids blew through all the spoons in less than a day. I went to buy spoons because it was strange to have to do dishes without a full dishwasher for me. It turned-out to be way cheaper to buy the silverware in sets. And no I did not wash them before first use, I did not know about that, oops. It must have been something like I was letting them eat lots of pudding cups, yogurt, ramen in Styrofoam cups, etc that led to the spoon shortages.
      Have a good one,

    9. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, mzs, ent…..The beginning of a 3-day weekend….yay! I started the day by washing inside of car w/s and windows. I like clean windows. The rest of day will be running errands and housecleaning.
      I went to cookout last night and took my favorite Ghirardelli Chocolate Walnut Brownies. The meal was wonderful……brats, hamburgers, spaghetti salad and baked beans.
      Gotta get cracking! Have a nice Saturday!

    10. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      I like clean windows too, I think it's a safety thing, I don't think the guy we are replying to here would care though 😉 Nice food you had made, the G. brownies are the best mix. I've been to that place in SF and Chicago, make great ice cream too! I had baseball food yesterday, so did Kevin. Instead of brat I had Polska kielbasa. Do you know that was my CB handle when I was a kid? Then anoter guy started making fun of it because he thought it was gay, dang. So I switched to Da Pope, hee hee hee.
      We just came back upstairs from tornado sirens, none very near here thankfully. It was a mad dash though since we had Aga's van outside and I was drying camping stuff in the garage. So we raced to get everything in the house, yes even a tent and tarp. Whoo. Anyway the two younger kids are playing in the wet tent now 😉 Soon we are going to a surprise birthday party for one of our friends.
      Have a great extended weekend,

    11. $kaycog Avatar

      zsm, zms, pbs…..Happy Memorial Day! It sounds like you're prepared in case of tornado. There are always tornadoes in Eastern CO, but I'm thankful they're not around here. Every time the news on TV has something about Joplin, I can't help but having tears in my eyes. Those poor, poor people.
      I've already been to the cemetery, so now I'm keeping busy until friends from out-of-town come for a long visit and then dinner at Mexican restaurant (probably).
      I hope the surprise party for your friend went well. I love to surprise friends!

    12. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      The surprise party was great! It was at a Portillo's, I think they are only near to Chicago, but good Italian beef and hotdogs. Anyway, we have a lot of same friends and lots of kids our kids' ages, so it was a great time. Also one of the people there worked at a hospital and had done things like catscans, MRIs, etc. She said that a lot of people have a black spot where the head and spine join-up. I have to be honest, before that it was freaking me out a bit in one of the images that dark spot. Phew. And now my head feels fine, yippie. There was also a few hours it did not hurt yesterday. It hurt in the morning though.
      Yesterday was great. Aga went to work, was a busy day for her. It was better she was gone though, she would be freaking out getting everything ready. I had the kids, we had a lot of fun. Did I write that I pushed in a pin that I thought was a screw on the carb for my lawn mower and it was running REALLY fast? Well to counter act that I wrapped a spring around the doodad that goes from the governor to the butterfly valve in the throttle. That doodad was 10 year old brittle plastic and it did last a few weeks like that, but it snapped yesterday when I tried to start the lawn mower. I had three hours to mow the lawn before guests arrived, another reason it was good Aga was not around. I wrote what I did in another comment here today, but Michelle and Jake had fun helping me with putting the the new engine and blade on my old mower deck. We also got ice cream on the trip. Kevin took Max on a walk during that, my kids were great. I mowed the back yard. I also managed to sweep and vacuum, and while I was doing that the kids were playing on the slip and slide. It really was perfect, everything was ready right as Aga got home just 15 minutes before guests arrived early. We were playing Sequence then.
      And the party was nice, lots of family, though my brother could not make it sadly. He lives a few hours away and is taking summer courses. For the food, my parents made doughnuts and cakes that were really good. Aga made very good Greek salad (her uncle is Greek and he came) and breaded chicken.
      Have a good one,

    13. $kaycog Avatar

      zms, mzs. pdq……..It sounds like you had a very busy and fun weekend. The three days just flew by for me, as I'm sure they did for you.
      Glad you found out that black spot was nothing to worry about. I do wonder why the headache comes and goes. Could allergies do that?
      I had out-of-town friends yesterday afternoon and evening. I hadn't seen them for several years, and we had a lot of catching up to do. We went to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, and I had my beloved chicken calzone. It's so big that I brought half of it home, and I'll have it tonight. My friends were driving a BMW X5 that we went to dinner in. It was okay, but I wasn't that impressed. Today I went to Chinese buffet for lunch and had the usual.
      Happy Taco Tuesday!

    14. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      It's always very nice to see people again you had not for years. I don't think it's allergies, I had a test for that, I'm not allergic to any of the 40 or so things that they screen for. The two most likely things were high blood pressure caused or migraine. I've been monitoring it here at work and it's fine, in fact there is no correlation with when I have a bad headache and if my blood pressure is high, often it is lower then even. It's strange for a migraine to be in that place though. Anyway on Tuesday I am having an MRI. The doctor wanted me to have that just in case because he would have liked the catscan to have gone down more. But almost all the time now I am feeling great, so it's SO much better now.
      I am getting kind of down now though because Aga is going to be away for so long. I know it's stupid, but I can't noit think about how much I will miss her. It was a nice day yesterday though. I played a board game with the kids (ha I don't know the name, like a matching game where you have to stop when you uncover 12 clocks), looping looey, ghosts in the graveyard with the two younger, horses with Aga and Michelle, Portal 2 with Kevin, I did a walk with the kids and Max, and Sequence and DK with Aga. I also made dinner. The piano tuner was running late so I had get home early so Aga could go to get Kevin's hair cut.
      Have a good one,

    15. $kaycog Avatar

      szm, zsm, ddt……..I think it's a good idea to have an MRI just to make sure nothing is there. You know. 😉
      Cheer up with Aga leaving. Just think of how much she and Kevin are going to enjoy the trip. You'll be so busy anyway that time is just going to fly by. You will miss her like crazy, but you know what they say. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I know you two don't think you could be more fond of each other though. What day do they leave?

    16. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      I have a lot oif meetings today, I'll reply better later, but look who came back!
      <img src="; width="500">

    17. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, zsm, tlc…..It looks like a certain critter likes it under your porch. I think I'd borrow a trap cage from the Humane Society, and they can release into the wild. They really are cute!! You got a great picture.
      Not much going on around here. You can see smokey haze in the sky due to a wildfire on the NM/CO border that has been burning for several days. WE NEED MOISTURE!!!

    18. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      Phew, I just helped get the kids to bed, got back from baseball, made dinner for Michelle and me, took Max on a walk, got her from a friends, biked home, had a day with more than 5(!) hours of meetings in addition to real work, I AM POOPED. I will contact the humane society, I really do like that guy, he is so smart and hard working, plus it's just so cute to watch him do things like groom himself and pick through my recycling even. They leave Tuesday night, it's always really extra romantic when Aga comes back, but it sure does drag without her. I'll write more tomorrow about all that the little critter did last night, it's pretty amazing to me.
      Good night,

    19. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, szm, jpg……..There are raccoons in CO, but not in abundance. I've only seen them once in the wild. A mother and her two babies were huddled together on the side of the road. They were so cute. I bet your kids are getting a kick out of the raccoon.
      It sounds like you are super busy, which is going to be the norm for the next couple of weeks. The time will go by faster than you think it will.
      What the? I tried to submit this, and a little box came up saying that my time ran out. It was a fast comment too.

    20. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Whew! What a week (or so)! I'm glad to hear that everything turned out alright with Kevin and yourself. And also that no destructive tornadoes came your way a few weeks ago. I've heard way too much tornado destruction this year already. I had a busy week but got a lot done. I'm also trying to help my friend from Chicago find a job. It's frustrating seeing how miserable the job market really is especially since he's such a brilliant guy (although he can come off as a bit of a jerk to people that don't know him). His degree in Geography/Earth Science probably doesn't help since there isn't a lot available in that field, though he could honestly probably do just about anything as he's a quick learner.
      In good news though, my girlfriend finally got a job in the Madison area so she has finally moved in! We are going to meet my brother and his girlfriend and go to a movie and dinner tonight to celebrate!

    21. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Glad to hear you are getting more needed rain and that you are staying away from all of the bad weather! I had some wonderful food last weekend at my girlfriend's friend's wedding rehearsal dinner. It was steamed fish, which sound really lame at first, smothered in butter and you dipped it in this magical sauce. And there were diced potatoes and veggies that were also drizzled in butter and seasonings. One of the best meals I've had in a while.
      I am getting that little box about my time running out too…the Hampster Hoon must be having a case of the Fridays!

    22. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      Alright I think I am done with meetings for this week at least. Well I owe you a comment. Anyway I was rid of Handy the raccoon for a while, remember. The funny thing is that when I fixed the hole the first time, he lived somewhere else for a bit and made new one, this time behind a planter which we did not notice for a while. Remember how I was cleaning-up the tent and tarp in the garage to make room for the minivan before the hail came? Well I had this old kitchen chair that the back had broken to that I had been using as a stool for years. It decided to break in half while I was taking the tarp down. It was pretty funny for Aga. So I had not thrown away the broken chair yet since garbage day was Friday due to Memorial Day Monday. That's key later, you can see half of that chair here, but I had piled rocks on it.
      <img src="; width="500">
      When we found him again, I waited until he went out looking for food, it was about 8PM. he casually poked his head-out, eventually sat out by the planter, groomed himself, and then went on his way looking for grub. I was worried that there were more raccoons under the porch so I went out armed with water and a baseball bat, nothing thankfully jumped out at me. It was late and getting dark, I did not have much time and did not want to use power tools, so what I did was move the planter, dig-up the earth there a bit, and I took half the chair and used an 8lb hammer to pound it in. Then I put the dirt back, and covered it with rocks, and replaced the planter. I was all smug.
      <img src="; width="500">
      So in the morning I came out the garage and at first I thought I had succeeded because I saw in that upper picture that Handy had moved the rocks, dug the dirt, managed to move 2/3 of the wood, but failed with the part of the chair that I had hammered in there securely, then I went in the front door, oh man. He's hard working, I'll give him that 😉
      Have a good one,

    23. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Tower,
      I suddenly had a very busy week as well. One of the people that work here is taking a new job. He got spooked with all the funding things that had happened. i don't blame him, I really like him in fact, but we have been having meetings going over everything that he worked on and who will do what for the last three days. The guy wrote a lot of code for a lot of hardware used everywhere and we have been pouring over it in meetings with him, it's like head explosions. Thankfully this afternoon he will be cleaning things-up in his office, so there will not be PM meetings.
      I'm sorry to hear about your friend. FWIW the fermilab job openings web page is pretty easy to find. We just hired a big wave of summer help, but there are always a few permanent position openings that show-up. Maybe he can check? You need to be careful though, sometime positions show-up there that we will not actually hire anyone for, it actually happens a lot now because of funding, it's very bureaucratic, sorry. But I would say we have hired a dozen people for permanent full time work this year, so it's worth a look if he is interested. It's great news about your GF though! Is your place big enough? Will she take over? I'm going to visit friends tonight. He has central tap in his duplex. Yes he installed two sets of beer lines from a fridge in his garage that runs to taps above the kitchen sink, to the basement, and out into the back yard. He's married and has a kid, I have no idea how he pulled that one off. Maybe he runs margarita from one of the lines?
      There was a tornado that actually touched down that day we went into the basement. It was 15-20 miles west of us with little waning. It came down in a field thankfully. Enjoy your weekend with GFs and brother!

    24. $kaycog Avatar

      zms, mzs, clu………That raccoon is a pretty smart little critter. I wonder if it's a female and wants to build a nest? This is very interesting.
      Hmmm…….I went with friends to Mexican restaurant for lunch. I had a shredded beef taco salad, which was wonderful. It came with a dollop of sour cream and a dollop of guacamole. I probably will have a very light dinner after eating that.

    25. $kaycog Avatar

      TowerofPower……How nice that your girlfriend finally moved in with you. Congratulations on that!
      We are desperately in need of rain again. The winds have been terrible every day, and now we have the problem of smoke.… The smoke hasn't bothered me, but I have several friends who are having allergy problems. It's bad enough with the fire in CO/NM, but we are also getting smoke from AZ.

    26. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      I have a trap now, but more importantly I have had fish tacos!
      Have a good one,

    27. $kaycog Avatar

      mzs, szm, bbq………Good mornin'! *cough* *cough* The skies are still smokey/hazy in CO from the AZ fires. You can't smell smoke, and it doesn't bother me, but it sure does other people.
      So, you had fish tacos. What kind of fish, and did you like them? I've had shrimp tacos, but not fish ones. I'm not a big fish eater. If it tastes fish, I don't want it. I love cod though.
      Have you had any luck with the raccoon trap yet? Do you put food in it to lure him?

    28. $kaycog Avatar

      zsm, szm, dow……..I never thought about the wildlife people not letting civilians trap raccoons. It seems there's so much legal tape in doing anything. They have their rules, I guess. That is something that you finally told the guy at the store that it was a cat, and that was all he needed to hear. Good luck with trapping Handy.
      Just think how much Aga is going to enjoy Poland with Kevin. Be glad that she's not going to be gone for several months.
      (Yes…..I know you're still going to miss her like crazy).

    29. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      Weird I keep getting logged-out. Another strange thing is the dreams lately. I have been having a lot with Aga and this morning she had one with me. I think it's on both our minds. I'll miss Kevin too. Yesterday one of the baseball coaches told me a funny story. Earlier in the year Kevin had been hit with a pitch so then he was a bit afraid to bat. Okay a LOT afraid. Anyway, one practice the coach told him, "Kevin if you hit the ball, I will give you a dollar." The bribe did not work because Kevin replied, "Coach, money does not mean a lot to me actually." Awww that's heartwarming, but how come he took my two dollars when I was bribing him with baseball to get him over the same hump? Funny kid 😉
      I had fish tacos a year ago. But I could not remember how good/bad they were. So when I went to 2bros (a brewery) they had it on the menu. It was a fried fish, likely cod, did not taste dishy at all, and I liked it. I hate to say it, but it tasted like chicken 😉 The next day I went on a date with Aga to another brewery, there she had theirs, it used grilled tuna though, it was not as good. The funny thing is for some reason I thought you were always talking about fish tacos. I thought the shrimp things were the bacon wrapped ones instead, oops. Not too long ago I had shrimp tacos, but really they were not that great in my opinion. See there was not enough of other flavor like cilantro for me, so it tasted like shrimp in sauce on a soft shell. There was not that, "wow, this is not what I am expecting."
      Have a good one,

    30. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      That raccoon trap story is too funny! It sounds very bureaucratic indeed. At least the hunting store guy was helpful with your "cat" problems 😉
      It's hot here (probably where you are too!). I did a little experiment yesterday. I weighed myself before I mowed the lawn and then again afterwards. I lost 2 pounds, I'm assuming, from sweat! I was soaked! I don't do well with this humidity. I have some landscaping to do but that will probably wait until it's cooler.

    31. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Too bad about all that smoke. Unfortunately you have a really bad wind pattern at the moment. Hopefully a system will come through the southern part of the country and give you some rain along with some relief from the smoke. Oops…I have a meeting at 10:30! I'll be back!
      Oh…Happy Taco Tuesday!

    32. $kaycog Avatar

      mzs, zsm, aka……….Oh, geez, I'm sure you are all weepy now which is okay. Put on a cheerful front for the kiddies though. How are you going to stay in touch with Aga?
      Nope, I've never had fish tacos, just shrimp ones at Chili's. I do NOT like cilantro, and ask Chili's to leave it off. That's funny that you were thinking I was talking about fish tacos all this time. I'm a little afraid to try them, as they may taste like fish. If I could find cod ones, I'd have them for sure, as I love cod.
      Going to Japanese restaurant tonight for Yakatori. YUM!
      Don't be sad, Mike. It's for a very short time……really.
      I keep getting logged out here too……both yesterday and today.

    33. $kaycog Avatar

      TowerofPower. I certainly hope you're right about a system coming through here. I think it's supposed to be a tad cooler tomorrow, but I don't think any rain is forecast.
      So, how is it working out with your GF moved in? That's nice.
      I told mzs that I'm going for Yakatori tonight at a Japanese restaurant. It comes with two sides, and for one of my sides, I get sweet potato fries with ranch dressing. I find that very humorous to find in a Japanese place.

    34. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      I'm getting bad at getting in here! Hopefully things cool down so I can find my way here more often. I have no idea what Yakatori is. It's probably good though. I've recently gotten into asian food and it's very good. It is weird to see a side of sweet potatoes and ranch dressing though. Seems like a very American side.
      How is the smoke? The upper wind patter is still from the southwest for you so I'm guessing it probably hasn't improved. The weatherman told us on Tuesday night that part of the reason it was so hazy here was from those same fires that are affecting you! But now a storm came through and our winds shifted to the northwest and took all that smoke with them.
      Have a Happy Friday!
      P.S. I am still getting signed out!

    35. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi stormies,
      I keep getting logged-out as well. Yesterday I even made a quick comment, it's gone 🙁 But it would not make much sense now, since I did the dishes last night, oh well. Anyway I took the kids to a sprinkle park and yesterday my brother came over. I even game the kids baths! Some neat-o stuff is happening at the lab, like that result from a while back, they have even more data and it's still there, but they need more to rule out other things still. Also I won an electronic ignition from a '75 240, it came in the mail yesterday, yay!

    36. $kaycog Avatar

      zms, szm, dds……What do you mean by some neat stuff happening at the lab? And, how did you win an electronic ignition? So many questions. 😉 I'm glad you did the dishes and didn't go buy silverware, but it's still early in the game.
      How you doing, Mr. Mom? That sprinkle park, as you call it, looks like a blast!
      I keep getting logged out here also, and also sometimes I get a little box that says my time is up. That happens after I click "Submit Comment", sometimes. So, I have to go away and come back to try it again.
      Stupid little animals and their little games. Talking about animals, how is Handy doing?

    37. $kaycog Avatar

      TowerofPower…….The smoky haze comes and goes here, depending on the wind direction. That's really something that you're getting the haze there. Talk about pollution.
      That yakitori is chunks of white chicken, skewered and usually grilled. However, where I eat it, they deep fry it. The chicken has the most flavor of any chicken I've ever had in my life!! Before serving, they drizzle teriyaki sauce over it and give you a little dish of extra. But the chicken is so fabulous, that I don't add any more sauce. I'm really hungry for it now.
      Have a good Friday and weekend!

    38. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Stormies, I hope I can comment today. I think it is that bottom comment that is blank and has no date or any commenter name that is causing the trouble here. It brings back (not so old times as you two) memories for me to have happen chasing storms 😉 Anyway that comment that got eaten, I calculated how much water Tower lost, it could have been a quart if I remember right, wow! Handy does not live under our porch anymore I think. I think that he gave up on making the new hole when he tried to tunnel under the sidewalk. But I was talking to my neighbors today and he seems to have been trying to make new home under theirs! I will lend to them the trap if he makes one more, they have been covering the holes up. Though it could be a skunk, because he smelled something bad and the holes seem smaller and the rock was not moved in there situation.
      We have done a lot, like flown RC airplanes, there was a play, I made schnitzel, we went to Red Lobster (Jake had crab legs), they got to pet lobsters, my brother came over twice, we saw the bulldog sculptures that the HSers make each year in our town, went to bark park, today I mowed the lawn, went to my parents, did the whites of the laundry, gave Max a bath, etc. I put all the pictures here but I don't know if it works unless you use FB:
      Have a good one, feeding the kids now, just finished Tron 2.
      7389 (I think)

    39. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, szm, wot………Mornin'! Yes, you have done a lot in the last week, and just think, the three weeks are almost one third over. That's something that Jake had crab legs……normally little kids don't like seafood. He has good taste!
      I don't do FB, so I can't see the pics. I don't have the slightest inclination to do FB either.
      My weekend was lovely. I went to a car show Saturday, which seemed to be mostly street rods. The best part was that I saw several friends that I hadn't seen for several years, which was wonderful! Sunday was church and brunch with friends. What time was left was spent cleaning and running errands.
      Have a great Monday!

    40. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      Here is a video of Jake eating the crab legs: I'm kind of bummed today about Aga, lonely you know. I miss playing card games with her, I play bard games with the kids, not the same though, I can't trash talk, hurt their egos 😉 Two days ago I had a dream about her, she was in a really cute red and white polka dot dress, ahhhh, but in real world she does not like red, ha! But it has been almost a week, you're right. Oh I forgot, the electronic ignition I won on ebay and the lab stuff are interesting results. Fermi does a clever thing. In the tev there are two independant groups each with their own detector and the hardware is all different. So CDF recently saw something interesting, a bump is what they called it. But they did not have enough data yet. Now they have more data, and it is not going away, getting more pronounced in fact, but still guarded because not enough data to be conclusive yet. In the meantime D0, the other group, looked at their data and they do not see any bump! So that's exciting, they are now getting some people from each group to meet to decide what is going on, what to try next.
      Have a good one, kids' last day fo school!

    41. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      You had quite the weekend! And I thought I was busy! I did a little landscaping projects, mowed the lawn and went shopping for some stuff. My girlfriend made Lazy mans Chicken Cordon Blue and it is amazing! It's great having her around all the time now!
      That is some interesting stuff at Fermilab right now. I think either Gizmodo or io9 has been following (I forget who) and has interesting articles about it. Something weird definitely seems to be going on.
      Also…I need to add you to facebook! I'm surprised I didn't think of that before. I hope I sent the friend request to the right you!

    42. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      I admire your lack of facebook! I joined back in college when it was still pretty unknown to most people and it was cool then but now has become somewhat of a privacy nightmare and sometimes I contemplate leaving. But I have it pretty locked down and only have about 60 friends/relatives, all of which I know and see in person at least somewhat regularly.
      It's kind of funny though to look back now. Back when we first got it it was so exciting and we were always updating pictures and sending messages. Now, for me, it's just kind of there and I'll go weeks without even signing on let alone updating it. Now people my parents age are getting it and they have that same excitement that we did 6 or so years ago with constantly changing pictures and blog posts. I asked mzs to be my friend…hopefully there is nothing too incriminating on there for him to find about me!

    43. $kaycog Avatar

      zms, smz, ddt……..I got a kick out of watching Jake attacking the crab legs. Do you think he liked them enough to order again? Does Michelle like them? I especially like the King Crab legs…..more meat for your efforts. 😉 How's your loved ones doing in Poland?
      I went to Chili's last night and had their Quesadilla Explosion Salad, which has grilled chicken, corn, black beans and some sort of balsamic vinegar dressing. It was really good.
      Happy Taco Tuesday!

    44. $kaycog Avatar

      TowerofPower…….It sounds like you're very much enjoying your girlfriend living with you. That's great! Do you share the cooking responsibilities?
      I heard on my local radio station a few days ago that there were like 6000 lightning strikes one day in Colorado. Did I hear that number correctly? Surely, I didn't get that number right. Another wildfire has started from lightning in Southern Colorado over the weekend. DRY, DRY, DRY!
      I'm going for Chinese buffet today!

    45. mzs or something Avatar
      mzs or something

      Hi Stormies,
      Skaycog, he has had crab before, he thought it was lobster, he does like it a lot, but basically because he gets to play with ‘pinchers’ 😉 It’s funny, friend is a strange word in English. You met some people that you had not seen in years, Polish has a word for that, it means something like: those known to you. But when ever I say something like that, I end-up learning very quickly that i just don’t know English well enough 😉 I think someone thought to name a salad and explosion was strange, ha what a funny name!
      Tower, some of the press got it wrong early one that it was somehow related to the LHC group premature paper. That was something else too. I like the sound of that food, tomorrow I make chicken for the kids, nothing so fancy though I bet. I did the dishes again, second time already, drat.
      Bad news, Michelle is sick 🙁 So is Kevin! In Poland it is hard for him to see a doctor because of stupidity about how the healthcare system works there, well at least for things that are not emergencies. He does not have a Polish residence card, that is used for lots of things like this. They have an appointment for tomorrow, was a long wait. Michelle had a cold for 5 days, but yesterday after school she complained about her ear hurting. So I took her to doctor. It was a long wait, on the way out we stopped at smashburger and then off to piano practice. Then while at practice I went and got her medicine, I barely made it back in time and then we went and played on some new swings at the school. Then I FINALLY got to eat a late dinner. She has ear, tonsil, and sinus infections!
      Have a good one,

      1. mzs or something Avatar
        mzs or something
    46. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Still getting logged out!
      My girlfriend and I do share cooking. I seem to be good at cooking up meats and Italian food and she is better at baked dishes like the chicken cordon blue from the weekend, which we are still enjoying as left overs!
      I wouldn't be surprised if Colorado could see that many lightning strikes. Powerful thunderstorms can produce immense amounts of electrical energy (there is a statistic that a single storm could power the entire country for 20 minutes). If you get a lot of these powerful storms, which Colorado, especially in the east, can get, then it seems that this would be a likely possibility. Hopefully that means you got the rain to go along with it and not just lighting starting more fires.

    47. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      That picture of geese is too funny! I am also jealous of how awesome the building you work in looks!
      My girlfriend claims that the chicken dish wasn't hard to make…haha, the recipe card actually calls it Lazy Man's Chicken Cordon Blue! Too bad everyone is getting sick! It's bad enough at home but probably worse on an international trip! Hopefully Kevin can get in and see a doctor today. I hop everyone is feeling better!

    48. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Stormies,
      Tower, soon we will have a new place, and then hopefully we do not get logged-out. I don't work in the high rise, I work in the booster gallery, it's near to where most of the front ends are that I work on. It's cool because I can hear the kicker magnets, and I can actually hear if something is not right immediately when they do not do their drumming. Well that's not actually 100% true, like if we are doing linac studies or ntf, they don't go d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.-.-.-., but most of the time at least, well that was a big let down now, ha!
      Aga got Kevin to the doctor, here is what she wrote: "I went to the doctor with Kevin and he got his antybiotic. You have no idea what I went thrugh with those doctors and hospitals. I cried few times because of that. I have a huge respect now for american doctors and nurses. I had to drive all the way to Marki to see a doctor" In the end she has to find even a different doctor than even the one that she had an appointment for, really annoying. Now I do bills, then walk Max, and vacuum.
      Have a good one,
      PS: I forgot something funny. Remember how I was so racing to get everything done when I got Michelle to the doctor and then piano practice? When I went to pick her up the teacher commented on how she was impressed with how calm I appeared, ha!

    49. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Stormies,
      <a href=";
      <img src="; width="500">This was just too great to wait, you can click for more pictures from Poland.
      Jake was really missing Aga a little bit ago when I was vacuuming, so I invited a friend. That helped, but now when I was cooking, they want me to play, but it's fun, so maybe we go out for pizza tonight 😉
      Have a good one,

    50. $kaycog Avatar

      TowerofPower…..I keep getting logged out here too. Sadly, there was no rain with all that lightning, just a couple of more wildfires. The weather forecast doesn't show any rain in the near future either.
      New place:

    51. $kaycog Avatar

      msz, smz, xyz……..Ta da!

  5. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    A note: were the those all little stuffed Godzillas, this would be perfectly acceptable.

  6. Goingincirclez Avatar

    With the stuffed animals, the owner obviously is not a KMFDM fan.

  7. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

    I prefer to believe that this guy's kids left some stuff in the back seat, and once they were safely dropped off at school, hoonage occurred, and g forces sent fluffy animals flying all about. This is where they landed when the hooning subsided.

  8. muthalovin Avatar

    Who do you think drives this? The vanity plate screams EGO, but the stuffed animals scream, um, let me see, how about effeminate. I bet a bipolar individual. Either that or the wife got the car in the divorce and is waiting till the last minute to register it.

  9. blueplate Avatar

    This almost makes Lexus' initiative to carefully screen potential owners of the LFA seem reasonable. (How many stuffed animals do you own? Okayyy, then, we'll call you.)

  10. Brian Avatar

    I have seen that GTR before. The stuffed animals aren't the worst part. There front seats are equipped with cheap $10 Hawaiian floral seat covers from walmart. Ew, have some class.

    1. Tim Avatar

      Are you from Athens? I sent these pics in… always good to know of other car/hoon fans in the area.

      1. Brian Avatar

        I am an OU graduate. I saw the car last time i was down there for a visit in the fall.

  11. omg_grip Avatar

    WTF is in front of the R on the badge?

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      Was wondering that, too.

      1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

        I think it's a stick on "s"

  12. Tim Avatar

    Cool! Glad to see you guys posted these pics. There are actually two GTR's in Athens that run around the Ohio University campus… the other one is black with gunmetal wheels. Last week they were sitting across the street from each other, and as I was pondering which one was my favorite, I noticed the license plate and the stuffed animals and snapped the pic above (and 3 more).
    I've been keeping my Canon DSLR in the car this week hoping to see the car again… If I do, I'll get some better pics and post them somewhere.
    Cheers to all who liked the pics, and thanks for posting it Hooniverse. I'm a big fan of the site.

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      Pretty amusing, but I got to know if someone's girlfriend/mistress/18 year old daughter stole or borrowed "daddy's car." Time for you to put that telephoto lens and Jr. stalker kit to use.

  13. tenbeers Avatar

    Sudden urge to play Unreal Tournament.

  14. M3attOnDrums Avatar

    I saw today a saturn with the GT-R badge on the back. almost died laughing.

  15. athensoh13 Avatar

    Guys, I live in Athens. A guy named Cayman owns a black Nissan gtr and lives in my appartment complex and the silver one up top belongs to a guy they call Jet. I read the articles in the paper. I thought at one point there were two silver ones but I’m not sure. I just know at one point, the silver one wrecked in my uncles yard. These are foreign students that own all of these. They have new Mercedes, Aston Martin V8 Vantages, and plenty of Porsches.

  16. athensoh13 Avatar

    Last summer I saw a BMW M5 impounded, a BMW 3 series flipped, a GTR slip off of a road after going to fast around a corner, a BMW X5 flip into a ditch, and a Porsche 911 carrera s almost slide into a lake. I’m always at the right spot when these cars seem to

  17. Titosor Avatar

    I'm from Athens. I see one of them almost daily. Always one parked on Court or something. Not to mention a couple of M3s, also black and silver.

  18. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
    mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    I put out the trap for Handy yesterday, he is not it in. A farmer friend told me it might take 4-7 days until he risks going in there for the food. Man I called a lot of places about him on Friday: DNR, FV Wildlife, county animal control, city, police, an animal shelter, humane society, and a professional trapper. It was surreal, a real IL treat. In some ways IL is very bureaucratic and bizarre, this is one of them. So I learned that to trap a raccoon you need to be licensed and it's not like a fishing license, it seems to be a way to ensure some people have a job. The professional trapper was going to kill Handy though. Apparently the rules make it virtually necessary because the trapper needs to be very sure the animal does not have rabies. But an animal living in the city like that breaks the rule that a wild animal living near humans is well, must be sick because of that, no can't be the delicious trash they put out, grumble. Its funny, I tried to borrow a trap from one of the places I called by pretending it was a cat, I guess I was not convincing enough.

    1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      In the end a friend of mine is a hunter and he told me two hunting stores that would likely have traps. I went to one and got one. But it was funny there too. I ask the clerk about the traps, he asks me how big the raccoon is. I indicate, he gets a big enough trap. Then he asks me for a license, crap I need one to BUY one it seems! So I ask him if I can get one at the front where they sell fishing licenses and what not, he just stares at me. Then I say, "Well maybe it's a cat." And he replies, "That's good enough for me." And I came home with a raccoon trap, hee hee. The strange thing is that I met some friends on Friday (I had 8+ hours of partying, yippie, at two sets of friends, that's where I had the tacos) and some were my old farmer friends. He told me about catching the cats, like I would catch a pair of cats for every raccoon. He also told me that "city coons are much friendlier than country coons, those are just nasty mean." Man I have so much more to write about like fires, Volvos, sport, and tacos… Sorry gotta work, more later I hope.
      Have a good one,

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