Winter Weekend Edition – 1995 Audi A4


Next to the 405, I photographed this 1995 Audi A4. It’s probably a project/parts car too, and it seems to have had a rough life so far. I don’t think the snowplow has treated it too kindly, either.

Audis like this are still in decent demand, so it’s likely it’s a high-mileage car that’s suffered a failure of some sort. Like the Peugeot, it’s left to lie on the snowy parking lot of the vocational school without a clear idea where it’s supposed to go next.


The Audi is an early car, and you can see the old-style Audi logo on the front wing. I also noted the (rare in Finland) sunroof is slightly open, which doesn’t bode well for the headlining’s condition.


The engine here is the base 1.8 20V 125-hp four, also found on the Volkswagen Passat.



The rear corner’s suffered a couple of hits, and the left taillight is completely busted. I’m also intrigued how the rear plate can be this bent. As a final insult, the car has dollar-store wheeltrims in place of anything original. Yeah, my standards are high.


Rust on a mid-1990s Audi? Inconceivable! This is a probable telltale of the possible high mileage, as these do not give in too easily. I’m also detecting signs of a crumpled driver-side front corner, covered by snow.


Like the 405, the A4 is probably a goner unless someone takes it on as a cheap project. Cheap as in purchase price, of course.

[Images: Copyright 2013 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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2 responses to “Winter Weekend Edition – 1995 Audi A4”

  1. JayP2112 Avatar

    Rust means it's not an original fender?
    This car was the same body used for the 1996 US spec A4. Same signal/football fenders and wide plate trunklid.
    The unpainted door handles and mirrors never made here.

    1. julkinen Avatar

      Yeah, I think there's a colour mismatch on the fender anyway as it's slightly darker. That would easily mean a shoddy repair job.

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