Win MMD's custom SEMA Mustang prepared by AmericanMuscle

Lead Aftermarket Ford Mustang tuner AmericanMuscle recently had their Project MMD 2014 Mustang GT featured on the cover of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords and now they’re offering it up to one lucky reader. AmericanMuscle unveiled the project at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas and the winner of the MMD Sweepstakes will take possession of its keys at the AmericanMuscle Show in August. While Project MMD should please the pulley ‘n’ flows crowd with its power modifications, it also presents a unique visual take on the final year of the S197 Mustang. Let’s take a deeper look at the car and the contest. [Disclaimer: American Muscle advertise on Hooniverse and asked if we could share this contest with you. It’s a good one, so yes we’re definitely sharing it with you.] Engine Because the Mustang is a performance car, the car’s, well, performance is plenty important. AmericanMuscle started with the stock 5.0-liter, 32-valve V8good for 420 horsepowerbefore tinkering with it. They bolted on a Vortech Supercharger with a matte black finish to match the rest of the car and the underhood bits. A matching cold-air intake from JLT improves airflow while a Snow Performance Stage 3 Boost Cooler makes the most of the forced induction using water-methanol injection, which also allows the engine to run on pump gas. Exhaust AmericanMuscle gave Project MMD a fantastic exhaust treatment with a Boss-style H-pipe and side exhaust, all exiting before the rear axle. The sweet cacophony of the blown V8 will sound vicious and intense to even the most dedicated Pony-philes. With all of the modifications for power, a dyno run spit out 590 horsepower and 480 ft.-lb. of torque with the supercharger at a relatively conservative 8 psi of boost. MMD_3 Other driveline modifications include a one-piece carbon driveshaft to replace the stock two-piece and massive 11-inch-wide Nitto Invo tires at the rear on 20-inch Forgestar wheels in matte black (with nine-inch wide rubber at the front). MMD_Customs The MMD appearance bits, however, set the project apart from most tuned Mustangs. The modifications began with a matte white vinyl wrap over the stock Oxford White finish, accented by a matte black roof panel. From there, AmericanMuscle added a mix of both modern and classic aesthetical elements. The ducktail spoiler, GT350-style window covers, prototype rear bumper panel, and retro side mirrors (all from MMD) hearken to the first Mustangs while the side scoops, hood scoops, headlight splitter, taillight trim, and foglight delete panels all add to the modern look. The interior covers up some of the shiny silver with a carbon fiber dash overlay to add a nice complementary dark-side-of-the-grayscale contrast with the white vinyl exterior. MMD_2 But what really makes this Mustang unique is the air lift suspension, which is capable of nearly five inches of travel (four inches of drop, one inch of lift) from the stock ride height. The airbag suspension also comes with adjustable struts to tune for street, track, or dragstrip use and a digital controller to adjust to preset ride heights. The lowered pony looks downright mean and bristles with unbridled fury. [youtube][/youtube] The video above gives the lowdown on how AmericanMuscle approached the car’s customization and you find the second and third videos on their Project MMD page. The contest closes August 4 and the winner will take possession of Project MMD at the AmericanMuscle Car Show on August 16. Head over to (specifically this page) to enter the contest to win the custom Mustang, valued at more than $60,000.   [Photos courtesy AmericanMuscle]

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