Why Didn't I Think of That?

It's made of Plastic with the reinforcing of Glass! Or something like that.
It's made of Plastic with the reinforcing of Glass! Or something like that.

Our beloved Jo Schmo has sent in a link to an Italian motoring blog — or… something, my Italian language skills are right up there with my Russian and Japanese — that featured this beautiful example of a hand-crafted children’s toy.
I think. Or it could be that this is a new watercraft that’s about to be released for very short people who don’t like floating. Seriously, my Italian sucks.
In order to understand the post better, I ran it through Babelfish, and it provided a great deal of enlightenment. It informed me that these were photos of “ritraggono one originates them Vespa to swings realized for the little one nipotino Diego”.
Couldn’t have put it better myself. Thanks, Mr. Schmo! Enjoy, everyone!


  1. I, too, have just hit myself in the head, wondering why I didn’t think of that!
    I’m willing to bet that if I whipped one of those up, even my 14 year old would ride it!

  2. I want this! And a full face helmet with full blackout visor to wear when I ride it. Because if riding a scooter is like doing a fat chick, then this is about 10x worse and, possibly, 10x more fun.
    In all seriousness, someday Mrs. engineerd is going to want kids. In fact, we were just discussing brat timelines this last weekend (don’t worry, it’s still a year or two away). I think when we do have kids, I am going to seek out as many cool, auto-themed toys for them as possible. This could be one of them. Is it made by Tyco?
    PS: The “Language Barrier” tag is beautiful.

        1. I have been looking for that image! I saw it a couple times, but every time I go to search for it, I could never find it.

    1. Made by Tyco? Only if it has *9.6Vee TURBO POWER!!!!* or *ZERO GRAVITY CLIFFHANGER*
      (fair disclosure: as a self-effacing Tyco train collector with way too many (yes I’m deranged) your little quip made my day)

    2. Makes me think of Bill Engvall.. the bit about his scooter and his leather jacket with tassles on the arms…
      I have driven a few scooters in my day… and if that’s wrong I don’t want to be right.

  3. I hate kids, thus, I hate kids toys. I also have a deep hatred for scooters which stems from personal issues. This picture is like the tenth level of hell for me.

    1. Are you saying Dearthair is Peter Orosz? Hmmmm…he does seem to be quite adament about an Orosz/Murilee 2012 ticket.

      1. When do they have Canadian elections? Do they have one of those laws excluding dern ferners from being elected Prime Minister? Will we need to cook up some bogus birth certificates?

  4. No thanks. My girlfriend’s kid is already a little light on his loafers. I don’t need to train him early on a Vespa, he may get the wrong idea. I need something that’s going to toughen him up, I’m sure the Russians will produce something.

    1. I think a rocket ship would work in this situation. They had the electronic ones in front of the store, why not on a rocker?

  5. Ah, a proper hat tip. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Ok, it’s probably the alcohol but still… Thanks Dearthair!

  6. No, not this. The Italians I observed when I was a GI in Italy (go figure) rode Vespas like they all stole them, I mean they wheelied them down the street. We thought that that was in bad taste. I mean, show some class, a Vespa or Piaggio can’t do that. Stupid Italians showing us GI’s that they can wheelie a scooter as well as build Ferraris. Bastardi.

  7. I can actually say that I recently did think of this very thing (well, very close) upon hearing of my own sprog’s creation. 3 months into pregnancy, and an Alfa Romeo Tipo 59 Alfetta rocking car is already in the advanced planning stages.
    Mine’s going to be wood though, most likely. Don’t quite have the facilities at home to produce a fiberglass and metal one.
    Vai Diego!

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