When the “fake pit” move doesn’t work

The fake pit is a move you see in NASCAR all the time. Drivers will attempt to trick the rest of the field into thinking they’re hitting the pits during a caution so as to throw off someone’s pit strategy. They’ll move down the track into the pit entry and then jump out just before the commitment cone. If it works properly, the poor soul behind will be forced to pit and madness will ensue further down the field as crews figure out if it’s worth pitting with them or risk having someone with newer tires behind them. Meanwhile the guy ahead will keep track position.

Occasionally though that doesn’t work. And thanks to the magic of iRacing, it’s possible to force it to not work in spectacular ways. One of my teammates at TURN Racing Sim Tools eSports did just that last night. One of his first races with the new (to the service) ’87 Cup cars at North Wilkesboro Speedway brought out a lot of cautions which is a surprise to absolutely no one. The fake pit moves were being thrown out constantly until our guy Mike had enough. The result is one of the funniest moments I’ve seen on iRacing and I can’t stop watching it. Enjoy.

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One response to “When the “fake pit” move doesn’t work”

  1. William Byrd Avatar

    haha that’s great, I watched that quite a few times.

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