We forced you to pick from a previously determined list. The official Hooniverse Car of the Decade would be selected from the past list of Car of the Year winners. Our hero here is SpeedyCop and his Spirit of LeMons… but maybe you have something else in mind. If you were running the show here, what vehicle would you choose as the HCOTD?

I don’t want this constrained to the list of past HCOTY winners either. I want you to share your choice regardless of what others think or have chosen in the past. This is your chance to tell us of a vehicle that you feel is a celebration of everything that makes this place what it is.

You could go with a newer car. If you picked the Challenger or Charger Hellcat, I’d nod along approvingly. We still prefer the older metal though, so maybe you’d want to pick a car like Tim Odell’s old now long-since-sold 1967 Ford Country Sedan. I could agree with you there as well.

There are lots of vehicles where a proper case could be made. And I want to hear about all of them. Let us hear your own personal choice for Hooniverse Car of the Decade. We shall salute them all…