What's Your Automotive News for the Week?

Hi. On a normal week this time slot is filled with a hastily-written recap of the week’s automotive news. Sadly, this is not a normal week for your friendly internet news editor. I started a new job which, at least for now, has made all my free time disappear. That was made worse by the fact that… uh, not much happened that was worth talking about.
If you’re still looking for some reading material, you can check out Autoweek’s coverage of the 2019 Range Rover (non-Sport) updates, Porsche’s “Passport” subscription plan, and something about mid-engine Corvette spy shots that you’ve surely seen by now.
Things should stabilize again next week, but in the meantime sound off with any updates you want to share with your fellow hoons. Doesn’t matter if you saw anything, fixed something, broke everything (we especially wanna hear about that), or otherwise did anything even remotely car related – it belongs here.
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