Up, Up and away!
So…uh…looks like we might be onto something here.
First off, in case it’s not obvious, this thing kinda took off a little faster than anticipated. It appears there was some pent-up demand, or something. We’re still tweaking all kinds of site mechanics as we figure them out. If you see something wrong/buggy/whatever with the site, wait 10 minutes and reload. If it’s still there hit us up at bugs@hooniverse.com.
A few notes, to make your experience more pleasurable…

We’re not sure how to get images in comments, so for the time being just post a link to the image. Comments with several outbound links tend to get caught in our spam filter and require moderation. Either post them one-at-a-time or just be patient. On to a few common themes…
“How do I get a picture thingy next to my name?”
Go to the Gravatar site. Gravatar = “Globally Recognized Avatar”. You’ll have to create an account unless you already have a WordPress.com (not to be confused with wordpress.org) account. It doesn’t matter what you use for an account name, as it’s tied to your email address. Also: you can add extra email addresses to your account after it’s created. From there on, it’s a pretty typical “upload a photo/swipe a url” thing. They actually let you select your 80×80 pixels from any bigger image, so you don’t need to fire up Photoshop to get something that looks decent. We’ve set our limit at PG (booooo!), FYI. New images/accounts take a little bit to make it through the series of tubes, so be patient.
“Dude, checFalcon_futurak this out!”
Let’s say you want to do more than point us to something…
Can I write for you?”
Maybe…dunno…can you? We need content worthy of discussion and you probably have something worth bringing up. If you’ve got an essay or an idea for a series or something, let us know at submissions@hooniverse.com. Feel free to use that same address for things like event coverage or picture series’ as well. To be blunt, we’re all working for free these days. Keep up the traffic and maybe we’ll see where things go.
“Dude, I sent you like 5 emails”
Yeah, we got them. Cool your jets there, sport. We’ve got day jobs, finicky carburetors and a pregnant wife to worry about. We do this when we’re supposed to be eating or sleeping (but never working). It’s in the queue and we’ll get back to you. Probably.
“This place is so much better than [redacted]”
If you say so. In all honesty, we just missed being able to talk about random car stuff without having to wade through political flame-bait or press releases about anti-lock brakes. We’re going to focus on the fun stuff and leave the day-to-day news grind (and related traffic) to others. We won’t post anything we don’t think is worth reading. Hopefully you’ll agree. Just keep it civil and reasonably classy in the comments, and we’ll see where this goes…

Renault Turbo 2s