The term “hot rod” conjures up images of t-buckets and chopped down Ford coupes from the ’30s. There’s likely a Flat Head V8 in the nose or some manner of Mopar power at play. For younger folks, a hot rod could refer to an LS-swapped Nissan 240SX drift missile. Maybe when you say hot rod today you’re throwing out a blanket statement covering all manner of muscled up machinery, which was tinkered upon by the owner of the car in question. What will it all mean in the future though?

I believe there will be an eventual era of electric car hot roddery at play. Yes, I know EV West is already doing this in some form. But I’m referring to a time when anyone can grab some electric bits and cobble together a wicked ratty sled. And for short money too. I’m also curious to see what is capable with respect to “by wire” technology. Theoretically, a skilled coder could write up programs to make the steering feel for electronic power steering systems mimic some of the all-time greatest older-school hits.

What’s in store for the future of the hot rod? Feel free to talk in timelines as wide-ranging as 15 to 150 years down the road. Let’s have fun with this one!