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What was your automotive news for the week?

The news boy is on vacation and decided he didn’t want to bring a computer with him. Your regularly scheduled mediocre news reporting will return next week.

In the meantime, what’s up with you? Comments are open for any car-related (or not) anecdote you wanna share with your fellow Hoon. See something? Break a bunch of stuff? Fix something while breaking something else in the process? Let em rip.

Have a good weekend.

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39 responses to “What was your automotive news for the week?”

  1. danleym Avatar

    Took the Guzzi out for a long ride. Rode over Independence Pass (between Aspen and Buena Vista) which was amazing. Fun getting up over 12,000 feet on a nearly 40 year old motorcycle. Spent 8+ hours on the bike in one day, which I decided was as much as I ever really want to do.

    1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar

      Such a handsome ride.

  2. smaglik Avatar

    I’m showing the e61 to drive guy in 30 minutes from now, who is local but hadn’t asked a single question. No one knows how this one will turn out, lol.

    1. smaglik Avatar

      And the e61 is SOLD for 11.5 with the snows.

      1. Scoutdude Avatar


      2. OA5599 Avatar

        Awesome. Where did he hear about the car?

        1. Edward James Smaglik Avatar

          The list of Craig.

      3. Sjalabais Avatar

        Congrats! But weren’t you asking 14.5 or do I remember wrong? Because that would be another application of the 20% rule.

        1. smaglik Avatar

          It was originally listed at 13, and then 11.9. 13 was probably a bit cheeky, but, was never in a hurry to sell.

  3. Sjalabais Avatar

    Summer vacation is well underway here. Lovely, lazy days for everyone, except I run back and forth painting and fixing house stuff. A lovely surprise then to receive not one, but two packages I had been looking forward to today. The Centennial’s former owner finally send my the manual (English from one side, Arabic from the other), and a good man in San Francisco send me Fixing Cars, the People’s Primer. Have had a quick look at both, perfect! Thanks @Batshitbox!

    1. Sjaladier Avatar

      Totally forgot about this earlier, but does the Ineos Grenadier ring a bell for someone here? Looks like a vehicle designed to please a large chunk of the regulars at this venue…

    2. Batshitbox Avatar

      Ummm… I didn’t send a copy of “Fixing Cars, A People’s Primer”. I was trying to get a hold of a second copy to send your way, but I could only dig up one copy so far.

      Could it have been Wunno Sev that sent you that copy? Looking at Pete’s initial post from December, Wunno Sev was hip to the idea of relaying one over to you.

      I’m not sure what other Hoons are in the Bay Area.

      Anyway, enjoy the book, and all the weird cartoons about Norton Motorcycles in it. That’s a whole ‘nother rabbit hole.

      Hope you find your Secret Santa!

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Haha, oops, I was not sure who of you guys was the sender, but figured it was you. Then, thanks @WunnoSev!

        It’s a great copy, looks basically like new, and there are handwritten notes on pieces of paper, some with dates from the 70s. It’s a fantastic piece of history.

        1. wunno sev Avatar

          yup it was me! I’m in LA, but actually mailed the thing from the Chicago area. glad it made it intact. I loved those notes, super cool.

          1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar

            So glad I inspired others to check out this book!

    3. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar

      Is there a credit for the cover art? From what I can see in your photo, it resembles the work Peter Aschwanden did for John Muir’s Compleat Idiot series of guidebooks.

  4. mdharrell Avatar

    After a mere seven years I got my SAAB 96 running again and drove it to work today.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      If these are your colleagues’ cars, I suggest you use the photo in this year’s salary negotiations… On a serious note, there’s no doubt which vehicle is the most intriguing here, good to see the SAAB run again!

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Thanks! As for the other vehicles, in consequence of a never-to-be-repeated quirk on the part of parking services, my permit is for the lot primarily used by members of the upper administration. At least this means I’m not the one worried about door dings.

    2. OA5599 Avatar

      I didn’t realize color-shifting paint was an option on Saabs back then.

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        It’s not the instantaneous shifting of today’s formulations but it works pretty well on the side that was parked facing north for seven years.

  5.  Avatar

    It fits right in with those other European cars doesn’t it?

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      In case there’s any confusion, mine’s the one with the trailer hitch.

      1. outback_ute Avatar

        Where’s the like button when you need it??

        Also the start of the British GP was pretty incredible if anyone hasn’t seen it

  6. salguod Avatar

    Brakes are on the agenda for my youngest’s Protege and my BMW. Both started making unnatural braking noises recently. I’ll tackle theirs first, since I have a truck to drive.

    Ironically, I have a new building 75% done (concrete was poured this week), but it’s not yet usable and the garage is a bit of a mess so they can tie the electric into the house. So I have no place to work on a car at the moment. I’ll figure something out.

  7. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar

    I took some time out from fabricating frame members for my torque converter bike to mock up yet another project I don’t have the time or money to complete.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      You should get a Simone Biles action figure and make a stop motion animation of it performing an uneven bars routine all through that frame. In your spare time, of course.

  8. Zentropy Avatar

    Completely unrelated to car news, but regarding the website update:

    On both my iPhone and my Mac, beneath every comment is a blue star and the text “Loading…”. Is that what I’m supposed to be seeing? Nothing ever loads. Just curious.

    1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar

      I’m experiencing the exact same thing on a Windows laptop, using Chrome.

      There are no star/upvote/downvote options visible either; I don’t know if there should be, just an observation.

      1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar

        There also doesn’t appear to be any option to edit a posted comment, either (again – IDK if there should be, just reporting what I see. Or don’t. YMMV, of course.)

        1. Zentropy Avatar

          Same here. No voting, no editing. Maybe it’s a work in progress?

          1. Sjalaffled Avatar

            On my phone (Opera 64.1 on Android 8.0), I can sometimes click “Like” where it only says “Loading” on the PC (Firefox on Windows 10). It will then do some logging in via WordPress and in 1 of 4 tries, it will say “Liked by Yoy” after. But I can never see who else liked a post. 2 of 4 tries it does nothing, the remaining 1 of 4 it also just shows “Loading” on the phone.

  9. Lokki Avatar

    The only reason I have not upvoted every single deserving comment is that I can’t. I must also admit to staring, fixated, for hours at that blue star waiting for it to finish loading….

    Apropos of nothing, do you guys want to see a really sexy but NSFW car related gif? Okay then (the Mods can take it down if it’s too far over the line), here it is:

    It may take a minute to load because the file is kinda big, so be patient….

    1. wunno sev Avatar

      wow that is really risque. totally worth the wait!

      1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar

        I feel like that may not have been sincere…

  10. Idaneck Avatar


    As a side note, I recently realized there have been no “Truck Month” commercials. Because there are no dealers lots filled with trucks. Another positive outcome of a paaaaandemic.

    As a vehicle note, we just got home from a 4200 mile road trip across much of the US to see sights and family. The GX is so solid, reminds me of an old-school Benz. Also, fuel mileage was between not good and not great.

  11. Matthew Lambert Avatar

    I posted my first feature article on my fledgling automotive website several days ago and it finally reached 100 views. So that’s a baby step. It’s about Jaguar of the past vs Jaguar of today.

    Feel free to tell me how I did, good or bad.

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