In the closing days of each year, we’re always asked to look back and reflect on what we were able to cram into another calendar. Maybe it’s just a part of getting older, but it seems like that calendar becomes increasingly busier and shorter every year. I was always told that life is a marathon and not a sprint, yet 2019 felt like a speed run. Most weeks were just a blur to me with some highlights mixed in giving me the only sense of time. I guess it’s a side effect of trying to keep myself occupied with highs to drown out the lows. Or it’s just what being an adult is like and I’ve just now noticed because I’m pretending a little harder to be one now.

Speaking of getting older while feigning maturity, Hooniverse turned 10 this year. With its anniversary came a flood of old memories. Old faces and early pioneers of the site all came together with the current roster to reflect on what makes this site – rather, this community – so unique. In addition to being a great tribute, it served as a reminder of why we’re all still here. For me personally, it’s all the wildly different personalities and tastes that somehow blend so well. Few other places can span such a large swath of car culture and keep the peace. Too many people turn their passions into a war, but not here. That’s why despite the busier schedules and tougher commitments that we all share, the volunteer staff at Hooniverse is still here trying to chip in.

So as most automakers are on break till the new year, I’m devoting another news spot to the highlights of your speed run. Anything that made 2019 memorable for you has a place here, as always. See you all in 2020.