Weekend Edition: Weird Neighbors at the Classic Motorshow 2015

The yearly Classic Motorshow, held in Lahti, Finland, accumulates the most interesting classic cars and the most enthusiastic car people to a fair centre not far from the city centre. The parking lot is certainly an interesting place every time the show is held, and despite today’s sad weather the turnout was good and eclectic.
Along with the chuckle-inducing CVH plate on the Testarossa, there were some definitely interesting pairings seen today. Take a look.

Mk1 Volkswagen Golf GTI on Pirelli wheels, and a Vauxhall Viva with a vinyl roof.
Citroen Dyane van and a Ford truck just a size larger.
Class comes in many sizes, like with a Jaguar Series II and a tiny narrow Fiat saloon.
The Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato was shrunk by the Chrysler beside it.
The same thing was done to the Lada here.
A very nice Alfa Romeo Giulietta meets an Amazon.
And an ever so slightly mossy Wartburg was close by, next to another Chrysler.
A Talbot Sunbeam-Lotus meets a bright yellow Fiat.
But which early ’80s car would you pick here, the 323 or the Visa?


  1. Some interesting things in the background too.
    Early 60’s Impala next to the white Fiat.
    Early 70s T/A behind the Chysler and an X1/9 a couple cars down. We had a beautiful X1/9 at Cars and Coffee this AM.
    928 next to the Lada. There were two at C&C this AM, which is unusual as you rarely see any.
    The GTO next to the Saab 96 (?) behind the Alpha and Amazon is another unusual pair.
    Fun pix.

    1. Also, behind the GTI and the Viva, just above the Merc fintail. Looks like a big American coupe.

    2. Late ’60s Impala, probably a ’67. The gold Chrysler is a ’64, and the Ford F-100 is a ’70. I also see a Dodge Aspen or Plymouth Volare’ next to the R107 in the first picture, and a magenta (?) late ’40s or early ’50s Dodge or Plymouth business couple across the street.

  2. Edgy Alfa, Visa, Wartburg? Cars that survived a phase when maintenance per year cost more than the value of the car… one must like the car culture there! Here, people into older cars usually just buy American Muscle, poor students maybe a Volvo or W123 – cars that don’t appreciate much, but won’t decay soon neither.

  3. Did they sell Vauxhalls in Finland? I would have thought it was an Opel market for GM; or was it both, like Belgium? I didn’t even know they made them in LHD.

  4. A ’70 GTO next to a Saab, behind the Alfa and the Amazon. And I could handle a LHD Viva.

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