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I know what you are thinking… Have I gone off the deep end in describing these three vehicles as posh? Well, you really don’t think of a 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado, or a 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury as Posh, and you certainly think the 1975 Dodge Dart is anything but Posh… but let me explain. The Toronado shares its chassis with the very Posh Cadillac Eldorado, and the very next year (1971) the Toronado actually turns into an Oldsmobile version of that Cadillac. The Plymouth actually is a “Gran Fury Brougham” complete with vinyl top, velour interior, Air Conditioning, and most importantly, size… The Dodge is one of those “Special Edition” versions to compete with the Ford Granada, introduced that year. So, are they Posh enough?

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Let’s start out with the Oldsmobile Toronado GT, which I identified as an Obscure Muscle Car (And you all agreed that it is…). According to the eBay listing:

Oldsmobile Toronado GT  eBay - Google Chrome 452014 63130 PM.bmp

This is a very rare car, First front wheel drive muscle car that combines luxury with muscle. this GT has all the original goodies: High performance 455 cubic inches with 400 horse: W-34 package includes special cam shaft: special E heads dual exhaust with specially notched rear bumper. this car is identified by its high performance transmission with a numbered plate identifying the serial number. This car is # 2206 out of a total of 5,301 GT’s made between 1969 and 1970, and the last year of the GT’S. The GT’s were only made 2 years and 1970 was the only year with bulging wheel wells.

Oldsmobile Toronado GT  eBay - Google Chrome 452014 63213 PM.bmp

The last year of first generation Toronados Voted 1970 Motor Trend car of the year, this beast was laid to rest in a heated garage for 15 years before being resurrected. As you can see from the pictures the undercarriage is super solid with minor superficial rust by gas tank from sitting. Floors, frame are perfect and so is trunk. All glass intact and working. Air conditioner blows cool not cold could use a charge. there is a tear by the armrest of the front seat rest of interior is as nice as seen on pictures. Car runs excellent inspected and on the road inspection good for another year, New special Toronado tires.

Oldsmobile Toronado GT  eBay - Google Chrome 452014 63014 PM.bmp

This is a no reserve auction, and with three days to go until the auction ends, there still hasn’t been an initial bid of $7,500. I don’t really know if this car is worth it, or if the bidders are waiting until the auction is near it’s termination time, but it is a rather rare beast of a car. Tell me what you think after you go over and take a look at the listing: [sc:ebay itemid=”161265976434″ linktext=”1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT W-34 ” ]

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This is a 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury Brougham Sedan, and it looks marvelous in White over Light Blue. This was Plymouth’s answer to the Ford LTD, and the Chevrolet Caprice to see who could come up with a better low price Luxury Liner. According to the listing:

Fullscreen capture 452014 63343 PM.bmp

Up for a NO RESERVE auction is an original 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury Brougham sedan. The Brougham package was the highest trim level available in the flagship Gran Fury. This specific example is a ONE OWNER from new with 75k original miles…and it shows. I have the original title from 05-05-1977. This Gran Fury comes from the estate of the original owner who died at the end of last year. As you can see, this car is in exceptional condition for an original car. It looks to have been garaged all of its life. The baby blue exterior shows very well. The body lines are nice and straight…and the gaps are even all around. The only visible rust is just a few small spots around the rear tires. The rockers look clean. The door bottoms look clean. The chrome bumpers shine like mirrors without even a hint of rust. The white landeau top also looks original and also shows very well. The original rallye wheels look new and are wrapped in a nice set of matching rubber all around. All of the glass and lenses are intact, too. It has a current PA inspection which leads me to believe that it has been well maintained all these years by the man who bought it new.

Fullscreen capture 452014 63352 PM.bmp

I would rate the interior of this Gran Fury to be in EXCELLENT ORIGINAL CONDITION. The door panels are clean and tight. The carpets show well throughout the interior. The solf velour seats also show very well and are comfortable. The dash is in perfect condition which further suggests that this Gran Fury has spent her whole life in a garage. The headliner is tight and clean. The original wood interior accents are all intact and show well. This is a very well optioned car. It has power windows, locks and drivers seat…all of which are in perfect working order. Even the original clock still works perfectly. The climate control system works as it should. I believe the air conditioner will need charged. It appears to still be using the old R12. The radio is original and features AM/FM with an 8 track player. I even found an old 8 track under the front seat. A full set of rubber floor mats are included. The trunk is spacious and clean…and works with the key as well as the popper inside. I also have multiple keys for this car that will go to the new owner.

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Mechanically, this car appears to be in good running and driving condition. The 400ci V8 starts easily and runs smoothly. I did not see any leaks and the engine does not smoke. She handles the road pretty well for a 36 year old car. The suspension and steering feel okay. The brakes stop this giant car with no issues. The engine makes good power and sounds strong. I don’t know much about carb’s but it seems to be running fine. The automatic transmission engages smoothly and shifts properly. Out on the highway, she just glides down the road with a sense of grace that todays cars don’t offer. The worst I can say about this car is that it looks as if one of the exhaust hangers is broken and will need replaced. The tail pipe moves around a bit…but the exhaust is intact and doesn’t sound like it has any holes in it. This car gets looks everywhere I take it.

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This is another no reserve auction, and with only two days to go until the auction closes, the top bid so far is $1,926, which is really chump change in today’s marketplace. I mean really… a One Owner, Large Car, so far under two grand? Tell me what you think about this car after looking at the listing for yourself: [sc:ebay itemid=”171283504747″ linktext=”1977 Plymouth Gran Fury Brougham ” ]

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Finally, take a look at this 1975 Dodge Dart Special Edition 2-door Hardtop. This is the next to last year these Darts were offered, and this one comes with the 318 CID V-8! According to the Canadian Listing:

Fullscreen capture 452014 63557 PM.bmp

1975 Dodge Dart : This is a rare special edition car with 50085 original miles. The special edition dart package has bucket seats and rare velour factory upholstery. Engine is 318 V8, automatic transmission, factory radio. Exceptionally clean car showing normal wear to paint, rock chips and so forth. The car was garage kept for the majority of its life. The interior is nearly flawless. No rips or tears in upholstery, no damage to door panels, dash looks like new. The driver side carpet shows no wear from shoes, pedals show no wear. The car runs and drives beautifully, tracks straight down the road, and has good power and acceleration.

Fullscreen capture 452014 63635 PM.bmp

And this is a no reserve auction as well, and with only a little under five days to go, the top bid so far is a cool $3,050 US, which also places this car in the Bargain Bin. Whatis not to love? Brown, Velour, V-8 Power, Legendary Torqueflite Transmission, Dodge Dart/Valiant durability and simplicity. Take a look at the listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”121311854839″ linktext=”1975 Dodge Dart Special Edition Hardtop” ]

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