honda_accord_coupe_14 It took until today for me to become aware of the late-’80s Honda Accord Coupé. Call me a slowpoke, but somehow the attractive, two-door bigger brother of the Prelude had eluded my sights so far. I certainly knew about the Aerodeck, as they sold the weird two-door wagonback here, pop-ups and all, but the coupe version designed exclusively for the US market is even better. It was only available for three model years, as the saloon arrived already for 1985 and was due for replacement in ’89. This post runs through some of the most attractive angles of this car. honda_accord_coupe_jp-spec_1 I might even go as far as to say the car here is my favorite Honda Accord ever, and if there was no NSX, it might be my favorite Honda. honda_accord_coupe_11 Engine-wise, there wasn’t much to choose from, as everything was a four-banger and most commonly a two-litre. You could get a four-speed automatic for that extra “Tailored for America” feeling. honda_accord_coupe_31 honda_accord_coupe_28 The long trunk adds an interesting balance to the mix. honda_accord_hatchback_us-spec_1 Compare that with the three-door hatchback’s rear, which manages to look just a touch duller. honda_accord_aerodeck_1 honda_accord_aerodeck_2 But there’s no calling the Aerodeck dull, it’s that weird. And the hatch is hinged from way back in the roof, around where the rear side windows end. honda_accord_coupe In any case, here’s the Kaminari aero body kit to definitely spruce the coupe up.